Island Hopping

December 29, 2012

So what's the best thing to do before school starts? Yeah! Island Hopping. Though for this month it's already my 2 time to have a beach trip, but this one is very memorable for me since its my first time to do this. 

This trip is actually not properly planned, a very spontaneous trip with my friends. The night before that, i received text messages from my friends telling me that we're gonna have a beach trip the next morning at 6:00, with our balikbayan friend Tron and his colleagues, since they just arrived from Hawaii and wont stay long here. 

It's the day of the trip and because of excitement, its the first time that i arrived at the rendezvous early. The sun was just about to rise and the place is so quiet and very calm. It's really a great feeling being on the seaside on an early morning.
the view of the port and the sea at sunrise - Sta Ana Wharf

Since im quite early, i just chilled at a certain spot near the port and enjoying the beautiful scenery behind me.
It's magical. Well anyways, for this island hopping experience, we went to 3 different spots along the Garden Island City of Samal. I never got the chance to take photos of the first spot because i was so busy mingling and chatting with my friends on the boat and never waste any time to jump and dive on the water. haha

This is BABUSANTA Resort, the second spot we went to. This is where we had our lunch. The place is beautiful. The sand is so fine and the beach is so pretty. I was really amazed seeing this even from afar, because of its wonderful scenery. It's like its from another country.
For this trip, I really enjoyed the company of the foreigners that is under Tron's team. They are really fun-to-be-with, very approachable and they are very much open in learning new things from us aw well us sharing their experiences to us. It makes the whole trip worthwhile and fulfilling.

*this are the people i'm with the whole trip. crazy fun, and exciting people to be with*

While the food is still being cooked and prepared, Nikki and I decided to have a quick look over the area, we took the opportunity to have our photos taken in this beautiful place. 

After lunch, we then went to the third and last spot, the Angel's Cove. This is a very good spot for divers. The water is clear and very deep. The area is filled with big and beautiful corals, colorful fishes, and lots of sea creatures. I never seen anything like this big before. My dream of being able to be underwater and see things like these was quite fulfilled. haha anyways, its really a very satisfying and unforgettable trip for me.

the trip ended at around 4 in the afternoon, and everyone was tired but happy.
On our way back to Davao Post, we can't stop talking about the experience. It's really something that i really want to do over and over again. It's like a mini vacation. You are relaxed and at the same time you are having so much fun.

Go ahead, try doing this! You'll gonna regret it!
until the next island hopping people :)

| p.s. sorry for the low quality photos, they were just taken using my samsung smartphone galaxy y |

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Shooting Star

Typhoon Pablo ~

In the midst of the bipolar weather, strong winds, rains and drizzles, you can still be fashionable and be able to pull of a simple yet striking look. I never actually thought of having a super duper fashionista look, since its an impromptu shoot, i just wanna be comfortable and just wanna have fun in my look.

these are a mix-and-match of old and new clothes that i never wear too much.
and im just ecstatic seeing that it actually fit together and it creates an awesome look.

Dynamic Duo

I know this is a very late post. But I just wanna share this 'coz It was really a great experience for me to be able to pull of this shoot.This is the very first shoot I've had in my whole life haha. Though it's awkward for me at first 'coz i don't know how to pose or project myself in-front of a camera especially with my "model" twin brother Karl, but eventually after a while i was able to manage my fear and loosen up myself and just have fun with it. Thank you Haemi and Sofia for the invite and for producing such great photos! It's really a memorable one for me. The photographer now becomes a model. 

Plains and Prints

Button Down

What is a Button- Down Shirt?

Button Downs, it is a shirt, a garment with a collar, a full-length opening at the front from the collar to the hem, and sleeves with cuffs. The front opening is fastened using buttons or studs, and the cuffs close with buttons or cuff links. Shirts are normally made from woven cloth, and are often accompanied by a jacket and tie, but shirts are also worn more casually."Button-up" is sometimes used instead of "button-down" to describe the front buttoning of a shirt.

Find the right shirt for a casual day or formal occasion with button-down shirts for men. When you need to find the right shirt for a certain occasion or season, you can get what you need with a plaid or solid color button-down shirt.When you need a casual shirt to get you through the week, nothing is handier than a button-down shirt. Relaxed enough to wear anywhere but cool enough to handle any occasion, this shirt is an easy decision. 


Few items of clothing can be as versatile or essential as a well-made basic top, which is a piece 
of clothing that you’ll wear in a variety of ways and create unlimited styles.

Be Inspired.

A Collaboration shoot with T Shoppe Davao featuring Janine Echavez. In this collection I showcase the trend of having Aztec prints in part of fashion. Aztec prints are making a bold comeback this season. These Mexican-inspired prints are at once tribal, colorful, eye-catching and no doubt full of energy.

Simple and Fresh

This is the New Holiday Collection of T Shoppe Davao!
For this season they want to give it a Simple but elegant and stylish 
at the same time giving it a Fresh feel.


Rainy season is here guys! As the weather becomes cooler, why not try to wear
something that's a bit warmer like this. A Hoodie Jacket can be a big help for you this season.
Besides the Classic look and the comfortable feeling, it also adds up to your style.

Hoodies and zip-ups are foolproof garments when it comes to warmth and comfort. However, sometimes it’s all too easy to look like you’re wearing sweats or gym clothes when you’re rocking a hoodie. Fortunately, there are lots of stylish ways to make hoodies work as part of a fashionable wardrobe – you just have to get a little creative.

Grey Hoodie Jacket from T Shoppe Davao

for High Resolution Photos visit out


Nobody Compares

November 10, 2012

Its the Opening for the Palarong Atenista 2012 and the Dance Showdown of the Ateneo de Davao University. It was held at the Martinez Sports Complex of the AdDU High School. Earlier that day i forgot that as an Official for the Palarong Atenista, we are required to be at the event. Then again i wasn't really in the mood to go but i got forced since i am tasked that night to have a lookbook style photo shoot in collaboration with T Shoppe Davao, the Authorized Distributor of Tomato Apparels here in Mindanao. 

For this night i decided to go for this look. Just a simple and comfortable look since i'm now gonna stay too late at the event.

Blue Cotton Shirt (F21 Men), Cropped Pants (T Shoppe Davao), 
Accessories (SM Accessories), Sling Bag, (MSense) Shoes, (Nike)

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Miss Right

Portfolio UPDATED! At last! I really had a great time dong this photo shoot with Janine Echavez, one of my best buds! It's been a while since i had my last shoot whether its just a portrait photography or a fashion photography. I'm really glad that T Shoppe Davao (Authorized Distributor of Tomato Apparels) gave me a chance to collaborate with them.

Sophisticated Chic

It focuses mainly on the refinement and formality of the outfit that doesn't stick with natural simplicity. The Simplicity of the outfit was given a twist of boldness, style and elegance. It is somehow casual but the style was understated.

This kind of styling is best fitted for professionals, business men and women, and those people who wants to give out their style and expose their fashion sense. It is stylish and fashionable yet there's sophistication and "wow" factor of the outfit that you can actually wear everyday.

Keep it Light and Fresh

Its the start of a new semester for me in Ateneo de Davao University. More challenges to come and a lot more of trials to face this semester. I'm really excited to go to school again this semester since we have almost 3 weeks break. 

For today, i'm really having a hard time on choosing what to wear on the first day. I have this vision that i have to look good on the first day. So i decided to just have a simple look, I just wanna look comfortable and light on the clothes i'm gonna wear. 

This is the look i came up with for today.

Blue-Green Ombre Shirt (Tee Culture | Sm Department Store)
Olive Green Chinos (Oxygen Clothing)
Red Canvas Shoes (DT Sports | SM Department Store) 
Studded Leather Bracelets (M Sense| SM Accessories)
Grey Rubber Watch (SCUBED | SM Accessories )

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012

October 19, 2012
Crocodile Park
Davao City

That night was epic! This was one of those moments in my life that i will remember forever! I never really expected that i would be able to witness one of the best performances in the OPM Rock scene. I was rally stoked to be there and very much excited to jam and sing along with the bands sine its my first time to attend an event like that. A night before the event, i received a call from my best friend, Noelle, asking me if i would like to go with her watch the event since she won 2 PRESS/SPONSOR tickets from on contest that @tanduayrhumph conducted on twitter. So by the time i knew about it, without hesitations i immediately said "YES!"

Be Brave and Make it Happen


The SM Youth's new contest showcases the creativity and the personality of each individual. In this manner people can identify which category they really belong in terms of fashion. 

There are several categories that you can choose from Swaggernaut, Packlader, Preppy Kid, Art Enthusiast, Jock Attack, and A-Gamer. These categories has really different styles from each other.

Its my first time to enter a contest like this because even before i'm not so confident with my fashion style, until the time that people appreciate my looks every wash day :)

For this entry  I accidentally entered to the category of  "Preppy Kid", where supposedly i was going to join "THE ART ENTHUSIAST". This is really my style of fashion. I want to have neutral colors matched with super bright colored accents and accessories   I really want to have that mix and matching of different pallets of colors to give emphasis on the stuff that you want people to notice. As a Photographer, Sky's the limit for me! i wanna show people my creative side though my clothes. 

As the description says: " ART PROTEGES:
If you know Tumblr, and you frequently spend countless nights doodling and taking photos, you are definitely part of the Creative World! Reveal the artiste in you with eye-catching prints, statement graphics and bold colors. Don't forget to accessorize with the most unique pieces in your wardrobe, from quirky buttons to fancy sneakers, dude, the universe is your limit." I know i'm really fit to this category :)

here's the look that i submitted

Button Down (Maldita|Man) bow tie (SM Accessories) khaki shorts (Hang Ten) Sneakers {SM Department Store)
Accessories, Watch (SM Accessories) Canvas Bag (Oxygen Clothing)

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We are asked by SM YOUTH 2 Questions that can define us as Campus Icon

1. Why should you be the SM Youth University Campus Icon?

As an Atenean, Athlete and a Fashion Enthusiast, i can young people through my passion for fashion towards striving excellence and reaching our goals. To be the next icon or SM Youth, I can help those people who are not so confident enough to show their personality through the way they dress. I can be an example for those people not to be afraid to show off their style no matter what people might say .Making a difference by actualizing their full potential. 

2. If you will receive Php 25,000 cash for your school, what project will you do and why?

If ever i will be the lucky person to win, i'll use the money in investing for the schools future activities in cooperation with some school organizations. I can organize a fund raising activity which is in-line with Fashion, such as conducting fashion shows or activities that can expose the creativity of the students like Photo exhibits or contests. With the money, we can help charities and some indigent people in the city with their essential needs.


Please do vote for me here.

here are the steps on how you could vote for me. 

 thank you! and please share the photo. i really need this guys. Your support will be highly appreciated :)


here's another look that i was supposed to submit too.

Graphic Tee (Men's Club) Cardigan (F21 Men) Khaki Shorts (Hang Ten) Sneakers (SM Dept Store) 
Accessories and Watch (SM Accessories)

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Outfit Post: Sexy and Free

This is my first ever outfit post! haha I really don't know what to say. haha well, in this outfit the perfect phrase that i can think of would be "I'm Feeling Sexy and Free". It's not really my thing to post something like this, simply because i'm neither a model, nor looks good in photos. 

So here's my first lok inspired from the Oxygen Clothing S/S 2012 Collection
Stripes Sleeveless Top (oxygenclothing), Black stretch shorts (thrifted), Sling Bag (SM Accessories)

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Meeting David Guison

I actually don't have any plans of going to the seminar wherein David Guison will be the speaker, since its not for free and i'm kinda' lazy that day haha. Last Saturday, October 6, 2012, Ateneo de Davao  Marketing Students had conducted a symposium about "Online Marketing and Self Branding" wherein they had Mr. David Guison to be the guest speaker.

Regatta Clothing

For those who work hard and play even harder, 
Regatta is the Filipino clothing brand that makes the perfect style statement for a life of leisure. 

Regatta  has become the go-to brand for preppy chic apparel. Regatta clothes are timeless and fuss-free. A brand that has classy and and very comfortable feel. Regatta to be true to its product design philosophy of providing casual apparel and accessories that perfectly suit their leisurely lifestyle. 

Regatta clothing always brings us new styles every time. 
It is comfortable and relaxing to wear. The details of the stuff is very very well thought of.

Orange Day

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I never really prepared anything to wear for this day. I'm not in the mood to style up my self too much since i will go to school late since my exams for the day will start at around 4:00 in the afternoon.

I decided to wear orange this day since i just had a new orange and black watch  and  a chocolate brown leather bracelet and a black studded leather bracelet, all from SM Accessories. I wore a khaki colored chino to bring out the color of the shirt and the accessories. I also have my new army green colored bag from Oxygen Clothing.

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