Meeting David Guison

I actually don't have any plans of going to the seminar wherein David Guison will be the speaker, since its not for free and i'm kinda' lazy that day haha. Last Saturday, October 6, 2012, Ateneo de Davao  Marketing Students had conducted a symposium about "Online Marketing and Self Branding" wherein they had Mr. David Guison to be the guest speaker.

David Guison is one of the well-known male Fashion Bloggers in the country. So i think He is really fit to do this and talk about how he reach the peak in self branding and online marketing. Since he proved himself to be successful in this field, after having numerous endorsements and promotions from  prestigious brands and become an Ambassador for Forever 21 Men and some other clothing companies.
Basically, David didn't talk much of the technical side of the topic, since he's not a Marketing Major and he really doesn't any background and idea how to actually do it. So, instead he talked about "Everything You Need To Know About Blogging: Styling, Photography, Business, Marketing". He talked about how he reached the top and what he is right now. He shared his ideas and the lessons he learned about online marketing all through the years. He has showed some of his works and discussed about what are his inspirations in his posts. 

During the whole 3 hours, the crowd was just so silent, listening to whatever David is saying in front  The talk was very informative as he shared all the knowledge he knows about blogging and how this can help you improve your skills  in online Marketing and Self Branding. He also shared some tips  on how to start blogging, like what are the essential things that you must have, and what are the things that should be posted on your blog and shared some techniques on how to get a great photo for your outfit posts, such us proper angle, location, time to shoot and a lot more.

These are the cameras that David is using almost every time.
*here's a sample for the Outfit Posts that David has*
*you should know what domain / blog site is good to use | make your brand likable, so you should know your market | Be credible, make sure that all you post in your blog is true and information must be reliable*

The symposium really turned out well. The people are very attentive and cooperative.

Before the symposium ends, David had this small game. It is a Styling Contest, and from our group the representatives were Janvie Tiu, as the stylist while Karl Jarabelo and Stephanie Chu  were the models. Luckily, they became the winners and got a Gift Certificate worth P1000 from SM Accessories.
*these are the accessories used for the Styling Contest | all were brought by David | SM Accesories *

And at the end par of the event, David picked one male and one female for the "Best Dressed" for the night. And the winners were Kyna Gelaver and Jepoy Mondia, and they also won Gift Certificates worth P500 from SM Accessories.

The symposium really helped me, and everyone else who went there to do better in our blogging and that to improve our skills in self branding. It's really a night full of information that can help us reach our way to the top.

I'm glad that i made the right decision to go because i really learned a lot that can help me improve my blog and that can help me know my audience and the goal for my blog. 

Thank You David Guison, it is such an honor to have finally met you and gained knowledge from you!


check out David Guison's page:



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