Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012

October 19, 2012
Crocodile Park
Davao City

That night was epic! This was one of those moments in my life that i will remember forever! I never really expected that i would be able to witness one of the best performances in the OPM Rock scene. I was rally stoked to be there and very much excited to jam and sing along with the bands sine its my first time to attend an event like that. A night before the event, i received a call from my best friend, Noelle, asking me if i would like to go with her watch the event since she won 2 PRESS/SPONSOR tickets from on contest that @tanduayrhumph conducted on twitter. So by the time i knew about it, without hesitations i immediately said "YES!"

Before going to the venue, my best friend and i decided to meet up at SM City Davao in Ecoland and go together to the venue along with some friends. So we arrived at the venue of the event around 6:00 in the evening already, where the place was somehow already filled up with people. Good thing that our tickets is for the Press/Sponsors or the sVIP,  so we will be staying near the stage. It's like a meter away from the stage. Its really a good spot to stay in. 

TANDUAY RHUM ROCKFEST YEAR VI is an event of Tanduay that supports the OPM Rock Icons and Artists. Its a way of uplifting the OPM music and the Rock scene in the country. Tanduay Rockfest Year VI is composed of 30 different bands and artists that will promote OPM among the people. But for the event here in Davao, they only have 15 Bands and Artists that will perform. This is one of the biggest events that Tanduay prepared for the Davaoenos, since earlier this year T5 Concert did not reach Cebu and Davao. Tanduay was expecting at least 50,000 people that will go to the event.

Before the show proper, a group of fire dancers performed for the crowd as the front act while waiting for the Artists to finish preparing for their sets. It was really awesome and entertaining to watch. They did amazing stunts and incredible formations. 


The show started around 7:00 in the evening already. UP DHARMA DOWN is the first band to perform, they sang 3 song from their album but I forgot the titles of the songs they sang. hehe. 

The next one to perform is the band 6CYCLEMIND with a girl guest vocalist from another well known band in Manila. 6CYCLEMIND really raised up the energy of the crowd as people sang along with the songs they played. 

The next band to perform was the band of the legendary DONG ABAY performing songs from their new album, entitled "Parke" and "Perpekto".

Next was the band TYPECAST followed by the group of JET PANGAN, which was THE DAWN. Their set was really good, though most of the songs they played was not familiar to me. 
Next in line was WENCY CORNEJO with the band called the AFTER IMAGE. All the members of the After Image band are from Davao as well as Wency, he lived here in Davao for 2 years now. Before Wency sang, he asked everyone first if anyone still remembers his songs, and he was glad  and teary-eyed to hear he crowd saying "YES", by then they started playing the song "NEXT IN LINE", which is one of his classic songs wherein everyone are singing along with it. It was really a surreal moment for him.

After Wency and After Image, the next band performed was the URBANDUB, they are a legit type of band. I personally admire their band, and I do really like their songs. They performed few of their greatest hits from different albums.  
But before continuing to the next band, all the OPM Icons in the Rock scene, gave a special production while singing the jingle for TANDUAY. It was really fun and really amazing experience. I even got goosebumps while listening to all of them singing together.

After the star-studded production, RICO BLANCO rocked the stage. Among all the other bands, Rico Blanco's production was the best for me. He seemed so prepared, the light were awesomely done. Everything was great. I was shocked by the time he got on the stage, because he's wearing a festive outfit, and a headpiece with feathers. Its like he's going to a certain festival, like Ati-Atihan or Sinulog haha. But by the tim he started his set, everything was just so amazing! The mash-up he made for his songs, the drummer back-us and the Dj, that was awesome. He really pulled off a great show for the crowd. Although the outfit was kinda weird, but he still managed to rock the moment and gave the people what they came for. 

The next one to perform was GLOC 9. He started off his set with the song "LANDO" which he composed with FRANCIS MAGALONA Its my first time to watch Gloc9 performed, and he is really the best! A really great reapper, and the fastest rapper in the country. All his songs are always depicting reality and really have sense, unlike other rappers. Then so heighten up the energy of the crowd, he sang "SUMAYAW KA (SHAKE IT)". It was really fun that everyone danced and sang along with it. And to end his set, he sang his newest single of his new album, which features Mr. EBE DANCEL, entitled "SIRENA". This is song is one of the songs that you wouldn't expect that Gloc9 would write since its a song dedicated to gays. But the lyrics and the meaning of the song was good.

After him, the ext band was the Rock Icon Wolfgang. I actually don't know who are they and what their songs are, but yeah the were quite good although i didn't understand every word the vocalist was saying when he is singing. I don't know if he's drunk already while performing haha. The funny thing about them was, when they got out, they were throwing a cup of tanduay to the crowd, when people are asking for water. haha

After which, the performance became quite boring for me, since the next one to perform was FRANCO. I don't know him or any or his songs. The energy of the crowd was so low maybe because it was already late and the people are tired already. But still they were able to give their best in their performance.

Here comes the awesome part, the bands that people are waiting the whole time is about to play! PAROKYA NI EDGAR, CHICOSCI and KAMIKAZEE. The crownd became wild as hell and the energy rise up. veryone started shouting and singing along with the bands.

PAROKYA NI EDGAR started the set with the song Halaga of the Eraserheads, then One Hit Combo featuring Gloc 9  and ended the set with their hit the "YES YES SHOW" with MIGGY CHAVEZ of CHICOSCI. In their set, some artists that finished playing shared the stage with them and sang along with their songs.

Next is the best local rock band CHICOSCI. Miggy Chavez was the crowd favorite i must say. Everyone was really into the moment during the whole performance. The band was having a great performance. They had mash-ups of different songs.It was really cool.

The last but certainly not the least was KAMIKAZEE. By this time, all of the artists were on stage and just having fun drinking and taking photos hehe. KAMIKAZEE started their set with the song "MARTYR NIYEBERA" with the help of Chito Miranda, and some other artists. Then Jay started making fun of Rico Blanco and his songs hehe, Jay sang "Yugto" with a different lyrics haha

The next song they played was "NARDA", but before they start playing, Chito and Miggy made him finish first the bottle of Tanduay Light. EPIC!! The last song that they played to end the concert was the song "HULING SAYAW". The whole set was great and very memorable. Jay is really and genuinely a ROCKSTAR!

The concert ended at around 2:00 am already. and damn i must say it's worth it!! And before i went home, i sneaked in to the backstage and was able to have a photo with Miggy of Chicosci and Franco. I wasn;t able to have a photo with the others since right after the show, they immediately went home.

My first TANDUAY RHUM ROCKFEST was really amazing and a night to remember! I can't wait to witness another Rockfest next year.

photo credits to:
Mr. Brian Dan Congson

for more photos of this event, visit his page here.

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