Rainy season is here guys! As the weather becomes cooler, why not try to wear
something that's a bit warmer like this. A Hoodie Jacket can be a big help for you this season.
Besides the Classic look and the comfortable feeling, it also adds up to your style.

Hoodies and zip-ups are foolproof garments when it comes to warmth and comfort. However, sometimes it’s all too easy to look like you’re wearing sweats or gym clothes when you’re rocking a hoodie. Fortunately, there are lots of stylish ways to make hoodies work as part of a fashionable wardrobe – you just have to get a little creative.

Grey Hoodie Jacket from T Shoppe Davao

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Nobody Compares

November 10, 2012

Its the Opening for the Palarong Atenista 2012 and the Dance Showdown of the Ateneo de Davao University. It was held at the Martinez Sports Complex of the AdDU High School. Earlier that day i forgot that as an Official for the Palarong Atenista, we are required to be at the event. Then again i wasn't really in the mood to go but i got forced since i am tasked that night to have a lookbook style photo shoot in collaboration with T Shoppe Davao, the Authorized Distributor of Tomato Apparels here in Mindanao. 

For this night i decided to go for this look. Just a simple and comfortable look since i'm now gonna stay too late at the event.

Blue Cotton Shirt (F21 Men), Cropped Pants (T Shoppe Davao), 
Accessories (SM Accessories), Sling Bag, (MSense) Shoes, (Nike)

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Miss Right

Portfolio UPDATED! At last! I really had a great time dong this photo shoot with Janine Echavez, one of my best buds! It's been a while since i had my last shoot whether its just a portrait photography or a fashion photography. I'm really glad that T Shoppe Davao (Authorized Distributor of Tomato Apparels) gave me a chance to collaborate with them.

Sophisticated Chic

It focuses mainly on the refinement and formality of the outfit that doesn't stick with natural simplicity. The Simplicity of the outfit was given a twist of boldness, style and elegance. It is somehow casual but the style was understated.

This kind of styling is best fitted for professionals, business men and women, and those people who wants to give out their style and expose their fashion sense. It is stylish and fashionable yet there's sophistication and "wow" factor of the outfit that you can actually wear everyday.

Keep it Light and Fresh

Its the start of a new semester for me in Ateneo de Davao University. More challenges to come and a lot more of trials to face this semester. I'm really excited to go to school again this semester since we have almost 3 weeks break. 

For today, i'm really having a hard time on choosing what to wear on the first day. I have this vision that i have to look good on the first day. So i decided to just have a simple look, I just wanna look comfortable and light on the clothes i'm gonna wear. 

This is the look i came up with for today.

Blue-Green Ombre Shirt (Tee Culture | Sm Department Store)
Olive Green Chinos (Oxygen Clothing)
Red Canvas Shoes (DT Sports | SM Department Store) 
Studded Leather Bracelets (M Sense| SM Accessories)
Grey Rubber Watch (SCUBED | SM Accessories )