Keep it Light and Fresh

Its the start of a new semester for me in Ateneo de Davao University. More challenges to come and a lot more of trials to face this semester. I'm really excited to go to school again this semester since we have almost 3 weeks break. 

For today, i'm really having a hard time on choosing what to wear on the first day. I have this vision that i have to look good on the first day. So i decided to just have a simple look, I just wanna look comfortable and light on the clothes i'm gonna wear. 

This is the look i came up with for today.

Blue-Green Ombre Shirt (Tee Culture | Sm Department Store)
Olive Green Chinos (Oxygen Clothing)
Red Canvas Shoes (DT Sports | SM Department Store) 
Studded Leather Bracelets (M Sense| SM Accessories)
Grey Rubber Watch (SCUBED | SM Accessories )

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