Few items of clothing can be as versatile or essential as a well-made basic top, which is a piece 
of clothing that you’ll wear in a variety of ways and create unlimited styles.

Nothing has a longer trend shelf-life in fashion than a basic top. Like a pair of jeans, a basic T-shirt and shirt is the go-to item of every men’s wardrobe; they are the building blocks that you can take in any direction you please and you can wear it almost every day and in all kinds of social situations, from work to casual weekends to trendy club nights and everything in between.You just need to find a well-fitted top that flatters your physique. No more worry.

T Shoppe Davao offers various selection of great-looking basic tops for men at the lowest price you can ever imagine with great quality, comfort, cut and style.

You've been wearing tops your entire life and the options are endless.
Take a chance and play with basics for an extra stylish look.
Get inspired.

disclaimer: text are not mine. its coming from different websites in the internet.
model: Antoine Pedregosa
location: Monteritz Subdivision

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