Island Hopping

December 29, 2012

So what's the best thing to do before school starts? Yeah! Island Hopping. Though for this month it's already my 2 time to have a beach trip, but this one is very memorable for me since its my first time to do this. 

This trip is actually not properly planned, a very spontaneous trip with my friends. The night before that, i received text messages from my friends telling me that we're gonna have a beach trip the next morning at 6:00, with our balikbayan friend Tron and his colleagues, since they just arrived from Hawaii and wont stay long here. 

It's the day of the trip and because of excitement, its the first time that i arrived at the rendezvous early. The sun was just about to rise and the place is so quiet and very calm. It's really a great feeling being on the seaside on an early morning.
the view of the port and the sea at sunrise - Sta Ana Wharf

Since im quite early, i just chilled at a certain spot near the port and enjoying the beautiful scenery behind me.
It's magical. Well anyways, for this island hopping experience, we went to 3 different spots along the Garden Island City of Samal. I never got the chance to take photos of the first spot because i was so busy mingling and chatting with my friends on the boat and never waste any time to jump and dive on the water. haha

This is BABUSANTA Resort, the second spot we went to. This is where we had our lunch. The place is beautiful. The sand is so fine and the beach is so pretty. I was really amazed seeing this even from afar, because of its wonderful scenery. It's like its from another country.
For this trip, I really enjoyed the company of the foreigners that is under Tron's team. They are really fun-to-be-with, very approachable and they are very much open in learning new things from us aw well us sharing their experiences to us. It makes the whole trip worthwhile and fulfilling.

*this are the people i'm with the whole trip. crazy fun, and exciting people to be with*

While the food is still being cooked and prepared, Nikki and I decided to have a quick look over the area, we took the opportunity to have our photos taken in this beautiful place. 

After lunch, we then went to the third and last spot, the Angel's Cove. This is a very good spot for divers. The water is clear and very deep. The area is filled with big and beautiful corals, colorful fishes, and lots of sea creatures. I never seen anything like this big before. My dream of being able to be underwater and see things like these was quite fulfilled. haha anyways, its really a very satisfying and unforgettable trip for me.

the trip ended at around 4 in the afternoon, and everyone was tired but happy.
On our way back to Davao Post, we can't stop talking about the experience. It's really something that i really want to do over and over again. It's like a mini vacation. You are relaxed and at the same time you are having so much fun.

Go ahead, try doing this! You'll gonna regret it!
until the next island hopping people :)

| p.s. sorry for the low quality photos, they were just taken using my samsung smartphone galaxy y |

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