That Good Feeling!


What's the best thing to do when travelling? Travel light and wear light and comfortable clothes. In my recent Manila trip, i wore a shirt from the newest clothing collection in town, the SWERV Clothing. It is an Urban Lifestyle clothing that aims to bring out the best of an individual, It is to inspire the people to be always pursue and be motivated to be on the top of their game. By definition, SWERV means "that good feeling" which actually can be associated in any aspect. 

Forever 21

January 21, 2013. 

I'm officially 21 years old. Time has gone so fast, things are getting tougher and tougher each day. It's now my debut, but i'm not having the ideal bachelor's party or whatever. Today, i took it as if it's just an ordinary day and people just made it special because it it my birthday, and i really appreciate it.

Im really really happy today because finally, after a long wait, my parents bought me or us a DSLR Camera, which i really aspired for a quite some time now. We bought a Canon 1100D EOS Digital camera, which is perfect for the upcoming vacation trip to Vietnam.

As for myself, I bought 3 V-neck shirts from Maldita, and eventually since they had a Buy 1 take 1 promo, my sis and I took the opportunity to buy some clothes that we can use for out Vietnam trip this coming 24th of January. I also bought a new pair of socks from Oxygen Clothing.

*new shirts from Maldita|Man*

Backyard Burger

My mom, my sister and I are craving for burgers for dinner, as we think of good burger joints in the city, we came across lots of awesome establishments such as Army Navy, Gino's Boom Burgers, Brother's Burger and Outback Grill. We are really confused where to go that night, but suddenly I remembered that few months back, my mom and I went to the Tulip Drive branch of Backyard Burger, and i loved the food they served us and how good it tastes, so i suggested to go to the nearest BB Joint in downtown, which is the Backyard Burger Central branch.

Backyard Burger is a modern day "roadside" burger joint that is proudly Dabawenyo owned and operated by the most delicious burgers that side of the metro.

Ordinary Wednesday

It is somewhat a gloomy day. The weather is really bipolar. So i decided to just wear a comfortable shirt-and-jeans outfit to get me through the day. It's just a typical wash day for me, nothing special. I go to class, hang-out with some friends, go home and be a sloth, sleep all day. Nothing extraordinary in such an ordinary day. Well, i was just dragged to do this shoot by my cousin, Lance de Ocampo, since he is having an outfit shoot almost everyday. So I accompany him at Marco Polo Hotel Davao and go on with the shoot, before i actually went home.



here's another set of photos from the shoot i had with Haemi Jun and Sofia Aledia at a particular cemetery here in Davao City. It's weird right! who would have thought that a cemetery can actually be a good spot for a shoot hehe :) This is one of the firsts that I've done with my twin.

Holiday Getaway

Happy New Year! This is my first ever post for 2013. woohoo! Well, during the holidays i am thankful that i was able to relax and been able to pamper myself with a beach trip! 

It's the last day of school for 2012 that me and my friends decided to have a beach trip. Since we weren't able to book our favorite hideout which is the Pacific's Little Secret Resort, we ended up going to La Famila Beach Resort in Samal Island. It was not as beautiful as PLS, but still we still had fun because of the company of friends.