Forever 21

January 21, 2013. 

I'm officially 21 years old. Time has gone so fast, things are getting tougher and tougher each day. It's now my debut, but i'm not having the ideal bachelor's party or whatever. Today, i took it as if it's just an ordinary day and people just made it special because it it my birthday, and i really appreciate it.

Im really really happy today because finally, after a long wait, my parents bought me or us a DSLR Camera, which i really aspired for a quite some time now. We bought a Canon 1100D EOS Digital camera, which is perfect for the upcoming vacation trip to Vietnam.

As for myself, I bought 3 V-neck shirts from Maldita, and eventually since they had a Buy 1 take 1 promo, my sis and I took the opportunity to buy some clothes that we can use for out Vietnam trip this coming 24th of January. I also bought a new pair of socks from Oxygen Clothing.

*new shirts from Maldita|Man*

 *colored socks from Oxygen Clothing*

Then, after that shopping spree, we then decided to buy food for the dinner celebration. Since i've been craving for Dunkin Donuts days ago, it's has become the perfect time to satisfy myself. So I bought a box of 1 dozen donuts. We also bought a cake from Red Ribbon and ordered lumpia, pancit, lechon manok and liempo at Kookel's.

Here are some photos of the Dinner we had.

*a simple meal, for an average family.hehe*
*Dunkin Donuts, Pasalubong ng Bayan! (cravings)*

 *the celebrtants | Forever21*

*awesome guide book for better images using canon eos dslr*

what a wonderful day! Blessed and Loved. To those who greeted me non-stop and those who forgot that it's my birthday, to my parents and siblings and relatives I love you all! :)
Till my next birthday! hehe

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