Holiday Getaway

Happy New Year! This is my first ever post for 2013. woohoo! Well, during the holidays i am thankful that i was able to relax and been able to pamper myself with a beach trip! 

It's the last day of school for 2012 that me and my friends decided to have a beach trip. Since we weren't able to book our favorite hideout which is the Pacific's Little Secret Resort, we ended up going to La Famila Beach Resort in Samal Island. It was not as beautiful as PLS, but still we still had fun because of the company of friends. 

La Familia beach Resort is just 10-15 min away from the port so it is very accessible  and the rate of a cottage is affordable and it had good amenities. The resort is a work on progress but it's worth enough to be a hang out place and a place to chill and if you just wanna rest and relax up your mind and breathe fresh air.
Well, luckily for me, a  day before the trip my mom bought me these awesome shoes that i can use for the beach. It's been very useful for me since the beach is quite rocky and has lots of sharp corals.

| Native Shoes - Jericho Style |

| Sanuk Sandals |

| F&H tank top, AEROPOSTALE neon orange shorts, NATIVE shoes |

This is what i wore the next morning. I know i look so effin fat but still its really comfortable so i don't really care how i would look like hahah

Well i may have had lots of challenges encountered for the whole year 2012, at least i am able to surpass ti and now i'm learning from those experiences and that it could make be a better person. 

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