That Good Feeling!


What's the best thing to do when travelling? Travel light and wear light and comfortable clothes. In my recent Manila trip, i wore a shirt from the newest clothing collection in town, the SWERV Clothing. It is an Urban Lifestyle clothing that aims to bring out the best of an individual, It is to inspire the people to be always pursue and be motivated to be on the top of their game. By definition, SWERV means "that good feeling" which actually can be associated in any aspect. 
SWERV Clothing offers not only that comfort feel and at the same time gives you a statement.I was never really a fan of statement shirts until this clothing line was put up. Not because my friends owns it, but its because of the sophisticated feel that it gives to people. Their designs are extremely great and the quality is over the top, it's really a great buy! This SWERV Movement really made a great hit especially in Ateneo. Every wash day, you can see a lot of students wearing the shirt. It's somehow became a trend to the Ateneo community.

I'm looking forward to see more designs from their collection. It'l surely be a great hit!

what im wearing: Graphic Tee (SWERV Clothing) , Chinos (Oxygen Clothing), Sneakers (Native), Accessories (SM Accessories)

Have yourself on of these awesome shirts!
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