here's another set of photos from the shoot i had with Haemi Jun and Sofia Aledia at a particular cemetery here in Davao City. It's weird right! who would have thought that a cemetery can actually be a good spot for a shoot hehe :) This is one of the firsts that I've done with my twin.


photos by: Haemi Jun and Sofia Aledia
Post Processed by: Klyde Jarabelo

It was really really a great unforgettable experience for me last 2012, for this year i'm looking forward for more shoots and more collaborations with some awesome photographers and try to improve my craft.

k l y d e j a r a b e l o © 

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  1. klyde, payat paka dri. hihi. papaya kana ulit! :) loving your blog. akin kay girly kayo. lol. maka-inspire imo mga posts. wahahaha :)