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I just had my first ever international / overseas trip last January 25-28, 2013. Our destination was the beautiful country of Vietnam, particularly the wonderful city of Ho Chi Minh or formerly known as Saigon. As much as I wanted to show you all 800+ photos from or trip, I find it quite inappropriate and it's going to be a long blog post if ever. So I'll just show you some photos that i took during the trip as a "sneak peek" for you as how wonderful Ho Chi Minh is.

Ho Chi Minh City. Who would have thought that this place has been the watchful witness and host to a country at war? Well now there’s only a thin presence and scattered evidence of the war efforts remain. The city is now a colorful, energetic, and chaotic metropolis driven forth by commerce and a unique blend of culture. Far from scarce on sights and attractions to discover here you’ll find yourself lost in a timeless wander through captivating museums, teeming markets, and fragrant roadside shops intermingled beneath skyscrapers and fashion malls. An attack on the senses, a city on the move, and full of endless vitality, you’ll need to prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride through this city. 

Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of activities for you to offer. There are a lot of tour packages from your hotel that you can avail in order for you to be able to discover the wonders of the place. Well for my family, we preferred having it our way. Wandering around by our own and doesn't need to have a tour guide to go to places, all we need is a map. hehe

Here are the places we went to and the activities we did during our 3 day trip.

Day 1
  • Reunification Palace
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office
  • L'USINE Cafe
  • Ben Thanh Market
  • Pho 2000

Day 2
  • Cu Chi Tunnel
  • War Remnants museum
  • Eat Street Foods

Day 3
  • Mekong River Experience
  • Nha Hang Ngon Restarant


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