More than just a fashion boutique, cafe and art gallery, L’usine is a contemporary Vietnamese experience. Inspired by the timeless elegance and enterprising industry of the Indochina era, L’usine’s founders have designed a space that not only showcases global fashion but celebrates modern Vietnamese creativity.
Tucked away down a tight alley in the heart of Saigon, one of the city’s most pleasant cafes perches in an upstairs loft. Only a short walk from most of the city’s major sites, like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Opera House, L’usine is a quiet oasis. Although it’s on the major shopping street of Dong Khoi it’s hard to find to the untrained eye. It will require a short walk down a dark alley lined by clothing and accessories boutiques; once at the end follow the signs up the stairs and you’ll find the cafe.
L’usine and La Cafeteria is a space to relax, inform and inspire; a dynamic platform to showcase Vietnam’s talented new creatives, from painters and sculptors to designers and graphic artists. The central retail space is adjoined by an exclusive gallery with exhibitions and live performances that change monthly, and is fronted by a light, airy cafeteria and terrace. Furnished in a fusion of factory eatery and French bistro style. Although it doesn't look too grand from the outside, inside the simple yet chic black and white decor, so vintage that it’s modern, lends a trendy feel to the cafeteria-style restaurant. 
The tables and chairs are sleek and fit the retro theme, one wall is a giant blackboard filled with specials and cupcake flavors  and even the menu’s typeface has an old-timey charm.While it may be one of the hippest places in town, the real reason to visit L’usine is to partake in some of Saigon’s best salads and sandwiches. Sitting down, you’ll notice that the menu isn't huge — actually, it’s the place mat.
Here are some of the choices they have in their menu. Delicious and affordable.
Here's what I ordered for lunch, Linguine; w/ seared baby squid, clams, garlic, parsley, chili and pancetta. 
and for dessert, their best seller red velvet and lime cupcakes. moist and very flavorful pastries. a must try!
to end a perfect meal, have a glass of Heineken beer. Well, they actually have list of available beers and liquors that you can choose from.

Well, it's time to pay up hehe, and as i saw the bill i was shocked of what i saw. We paid almost 2 Million Dong, or most likely to be P4000 Pesos. As i think through what we had, it's no doubt that it would cost so much. After having a fine-dining experience and a sumptuous meal, its all worth-it! You can never experience something like this all the time though. hehe

The Gallery and Retail Space
With exclusive labels imported from all over the world, L’usine’s racks and walkways are draped in contemporary styles, from elegant and sophisticated fashion to casual high-quality cottons. From London and Paris to New York and Tokyo, all designs are selected specifically for Ho Chi Minh City’s temperate climate. L’usine offers not only clothing but also lifestyle accessories such as shoes, home-wares, nick-knacks and a range vintage bicycles.
Each piece of industrial era inspired furniture in L’usine’s central retail space has been designed and hand-built using authentic materials such as cast iron and wood reclaimed from old weaving looms to evoke an authentic colonial feel.
L'usine is indeed a one-stop shop! you can have everything; from fashion, to comfort, to food, a place to relax, a quite place, a romantic venue for dates or anything. You will never regret being there. Im really looking forward for my next visit in this prestigious place. Classy and elegant, but with style! For more infos and inquiries about L'USINE, click here.

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