Touchdown: Vietnam!

It's my first time travelling overseas. Overwhelmed and i am super excited for this trip.Going out of town has never been customary in our family, it happens rarely. Every time we have a long break we only have domestic trips, never an international trip. Since everyone had the privilege to ward off stress during the holiday, our family took the advantage to visit Vietnam. 

Upon arrival at the airport, i really feel ecstatic knowing that i'm already in another country outside Philippines. I really can't stay still. We arrived at the hotel at around 2:00 in the morning, Vietnam time. They are 1 hour behind than Philippines.

Outside the arrival area, it feels like i'm sort of a celebrity after seeing a sea of people waiting for their loved ones and clients or whoever just outside the gate. I ever seen anything that crowded in an airport before. And by that i am hyped up to look forward for more interesting stuff about Vietnam's culture and how they live their life there. By the way, when you're in Vietnam, you can be an instant millionaire even if you only have Php 2000 with you. haha The exchange rate is for every 10,000 Dong = P20.00. hehe
here's my older sis, counting her millions after she exchanged her Philippine Peso to Vietnam Dong.
While waiting for our bags to be put on the van, we spare some time to take photos at their airport as a family, well except for me since i'm the one who took the photo haha So i asked my mom to take a photo , which is supposed to be a photo of me solo, yet my sister can;t help it but to join me. hehe
This is where we are going to stay for next 3 days, Lan Lan Hotel 1, located at the District 1 of downtown HO Chi Minh. The hotel is in a good location since it's near tot he famous tourists spots in the area such as Reunifiacation Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and Ho Chi Minh Central Post office.
That's it for our arrival to Vietnam. Overwhelming feeling! Thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome "birthday" gift haha


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