Chicser: A Valentine Show

Last February 15, 2013, Friday, at 6:00 in the evening at SM City Davao Annex, CHICSER: A VALENTINE MALL SHOW happened. Chicser is considered to be a new generation boy group who started building fame through the web.  
To those who doesn't have any idea on who they are, well CHICSER is an all Filipino teens male dance group that currently holds the title of being the hottest and trendiest male group in micro-blogging site twitter. Chicser has 6 members namely Ullyses Webb Basa, Clarence Adrian Villafuerte, Biboy Cabigon Chua, Owy Posadas, Oliver Lance Posadas and Ranz Kyle Viniel Ongsee. With their looks and their talent, it's no doubt that they can grab attention especially from the young girls and can make them scream and shout for them. So during the show, in order for you to get in to the area, you must first purchase an eco bag and get a pass for the show.