Chicser: A Valentine Show

Last February 15, 2013, Friday, at 6:00 in the evening at SM City Davao Annex, CHICSER: A VALENTINE MALL SHOW happened. Chicser is considered to be a new generation boy group who started building fame through the web.  
To those who doesn't have any idea on who they are, well CHICSER is an all Filipino teens male dance group that currently holds the title of being the hottest and trendiest male group in micro-blogging site twitter. Chicser has 6 members namely Ullyses Webb Basa, Clarence Adrian Villafuerte, Biboy Cabigon Chua, Owy Posadas, Oliver Lance Posadas and Ranz Kyle Viniel Ongsee. With their looks and their talent, it's no doubt that they can grab attention especially from the young girls and can make them scream and shout for them. So during the show, in order for you to get in to the area, you must first purchase an eco bag and get a pass for the show.
Anyways, so the show started a bit late than expected but they really did gave a good show to the people waiting to see them. Look at that crowd! it was massive. I actually didn't expect that there's a lot of people who would go and actually knew them.
To start the show, the CHICSER members graced their fans with a dance. And the people are shouting their lungs out after seeing their idols showing off their talents in front of them.
There is also a part wherein, they had a contest to who will be the secret date of the group. The host picked out 6-7 girls, and they have to dance "Gangnam Style' and the crowd will have to choose who's gonna win and be the date of the group and this lucky girl won! hehe. CHICSER serenaded the girl with some OPM song while she s blindfolded. The girl was able to receive a tight hug and some kisses from the group, which made all the girls in the crowd jealous. hehe
After the electrifying dance moves and heart warming song number, it is the time that the people will be given a chance to meet and greet the members of CHICSER and have some photo-op.
With Mr. Nino Guerrero, dad of Ranz. With the help of Jam Sebastian of Jamich, I was able to meet Mr. Nino and let me go backstage, together with my younger sister Kim, to cover the event. Thank you so much!
Here's is one of the kulit moments of  the group as they danced along  to the tune of "Gangnam Style" while waiting for the next batch of people to get up on stage and have a photo taken with them.
Since I don't wanna miss this chance, I asked my sister to take a photo with the group behind me. hehe
A snapshot of CHICSER together with one of the heads of SM City Davao.
With Owy Posadas.
With Biboy Chua and Ranz Ongsee.
A backstage photo me me together with the group members of CHICSER.
My younger sister Kim with the members of CHICSER.
After the show, as we were waiting at the backstage, I was able to see how wacky and who they really are. Childish but interesting. They really are just kids who just wanna lay and have fun and doesn't care whether they are famous or not. They're humble and very down-to-earth kids.
a small stampede happened as they rush their way out the mall, when suddenly the crowd of teenage girls rage over them just to see them, hold them, touch them, or have a photo with them. Good thing the security were able to handle it good and there were no reports of getting hurt or something hehe it was really an epic moment for me. 
More powers to you CHICSER and hope to see you guys again in your next gigs here in Davao! I'm glad to have been able to meet them and able to talk to you guys even for a short time. 

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