C E B U Day 3

01.17.2015 | ETC Paintensity Event

I started my day having late lunch at ZubuChon in Mango Square. Zubuchon is know internationally for its world-class lechon. So if you're in Cebu it really is a must try!
After lunch, we watched the procession of the Sto. Niño just outside Mango Avenue. Then we went to Cebu Cathedral to hear mass and have a time of prayer.

C E B U Day 1

Cebu Day 2 / 01.15.2015

Today is the start of my actual Sinulog 2015 celebration. But before all the crazy things starts i just have to take a dip in the pool and have a little rest and relaxation moment. 

C E B U Day 2

01.16.15 | Life Dance 2015

One of the main events of  Sinulog 2015today  is the Life Dance 2015 that took place at the Sugbu Open Field South Road Properties Cebu City. But beofre we get sweaty and on out party mood, here's what happened today.
We started the day exploring Cebu; first we tried eating Puso or hanging rice, as the name suggest is actually just rice, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. Often eaten with barbeque, you will find puso sold at nearly every barbeque stand. What makes puso a favorite among Cebuanos is the fact that you do not need the basic kitchen utensils to eat it. Forget spoons, forget forks and forget chopsticks. You can eat puso by merely holding its banana leaf wrapper. This is what Cebuanos call “kinawboy” (roughing it).
and Puso is really good to be partnered with any street food such as barbecue, siomai, kikiam, tempura or anything you want partner it with.

C E B U 2 0 1 5

Finally the wait is over! Sinulog is really one of the most-awaited event in the country and im glad to be able to celebrate it this year. Here are some snapshots that i got on my Cebu-Sinulog 2015 Experience.

Day 0 | January 14, 2015

I really love travelling with my very reliable and awesome Hawk backpacks. They really come in handy for travelling, because looks great and perfectly fits my style.


Hawk bags backpacks has been a part of me since i was in grade school. Before, it was not as popular as it is today but a lot of people is using it because of it's awesome designs and durability. Hawk bags, a brand that has long been recognized for its craftsmanship and quality. Hawk has a wide range of bags suited to match every lifestyle.

The Magic Stays With You

As far as I can remember, it has been almost 12 years since the last time i went to Enchanted Kingdom. The trip to EK was unexpected because supposedly it was only my sister Kim, her best friend Angel and two other guys who'll go there. Unfortunately, the two other guys changed plans and decided not to go, so i was invited. I was an exciting moment for me, for i will be able to go to a legit(?) amusement park with legit rides. haha! When we got there, all i'm thinking was "try all the rides and make sure to enjoy everything!". So yeah, here it goes. I took these photos only using my iphone5S coz my dslr camera's broken.

B A G U I O: day 3

Today, i'm lucky to experience Strawberry Picking for the first time. We went to La Trinidad Strawberry Farms to do it. This farm doesn't only grow strawberries but also different kinds of vegetables, flowers, and many more. 

B A G U I O : day 2

On New Year's Day we went to Camp John Hay Complex. It's an all-in-one place. They have almost everything you needed, from restaurants, hotels, parks, and breath-taking views, not to mention the very cold weather :D

first on our itenerary is, visit the MANOR Hotel.

B A G U I O 2 0 1 5

It's been a couple of years ago since the last time i went to Baguio. I think i was in grade 6 back then. When i heard my parents that we are going to Baguio to celebrate the New Year's Eve, I was really excited to pack my stuff and prepare all my things needed for the trip.

well here's a photo diary of the things i've done in Baguio.
On our first day we went to BURNHAM PARK.