C E B U Day 2

01.16.15 | Life Dance 2015

One of the main events of  Sinulog 2015today  is the Life Dance 2015 that took place at the Sugbu Open Field South Road Properties Cebu City. But beofre we get sweaty and on out party mood, here's what happened today.
We started the day exploring Cebu; first we tried eating Puso or hanging rice, as the name suggest is actually just rice, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. Often eaten with barbeque, you will find puso sold at nearly every barbeque stand. What makes puso a favorite among Cebuanos is the fact that you do not need the basic kitchen utensils to eat it. Forget spoons, forget forks and forget chopsticks. You can eat puso by merely holding its banana leaf wrapper. This is what Cebuanos call “kinawboy” (roughing it).
and Puso is really good to be partnered with any street food such as barbecue, siomai, kikiam, tempura or anything you want partner it with.
After our street food trip, we then went to Larsian to meet up with some friends. So if you are looking for a great barbecue experience in Cebu this is really the place for you. Larsian is a barbecue square-type strip with numerous stalls located at Fuente Osmena. It is one the spot that food aficionados and usual travelling tourists goes whenever they are in the city.
After dinner, we went to The Social Cafe Cebu to chill and have a few drinks before LifeDance, The Social Cafe Cebu is an Australasian, European café, bar and music hub. A warm and inviting space that evolves from day to night, featuring an open kitchen, indoor, outdoor bar, and an attractive alfresco area.
And now the party begins. Life Dance 2015 was really one epic night. It was jam-packed with thousands of people coming from different places in the Philippines as well as people coming all over the world. Life Dance was dubbed as the country’s first ever outdoor EDM (electronic dance music) party. Life Dance is inspired by renowned dance parties around the world such as Tomorrowland, Zoukout, Sensation, Creamfields and Coachella that have earned a huge following over the years.

It is really a great experience to be part of this year's Life Dance. It runs for 14 hours with 1 huge stage and 6 international DJs. It was a night filled with talented DJ's with great music, great food, and an awesome crowd. Totally Unforgettable!
As the night progresses, i was glad to see some of my close friends who came from Davao and been able to party with them the whole night!
this one look of the stage that i really loved. Look how amazing it was. hehe
This is really one great night and im really looking forward to experience more crazy parties this Sinulog 2015.


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