C E B U Day 3

01.17.2015 | ETC Paintensity Event

I started my day having late lunch at ZubuChon in Mango Square. Zubuchon is know internationally for its world-class lechon. So if you're in Cebu it really is a must try!
After lunch, we watched the procession of the Sto. NiƱo just outside Mango Avenue. Then we went to Cebu Cathedral to hear mass and have a time of prayer.
After mass, we roam around the area and explore more about the beauty of downtown Cebu. This is actually the outside area of the Basilica de Sto Nino. It was closed at the moment because there is a mass ongoing inside and they tried to control the crowd to avoid stampede of people.
as we were walking around, we passed by a stall selling masks and whistles that are somewhat a great essential in celebration Sinulog.
At night, we went to one party sponsored by the ETC Channel. This year, the ETC Paintensity 2015 was really crazy painted and party all night at the Phase 3 of Cebu Business Park. A bigger, wilder, and messier Paintensity Street Party with the country's most facmous DJ's such as  DJ Ace Ramos, DJ Funk Avy, DJ Nix Damn P and DJ Inno Naguit, with Cebu’s DJ JOM and DJ Gio V.
Here are some of the people i got to party last night and i can't even remember some of their names. haha I just partied myself and have a great time. 
As i got home, look what happened to my clothes haha

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