The Magic Stays With You

As far as I can remember, it has been almost 12 years since the last time i went to Enchanted Kingdom. The trip to EK was unexpected because supposedly it was only my sister Kim, her best friend Angel and two other guys who'll go there. Unfortunately, the two other guys changed plans and decided not to go, so i was invited. I was an exciting moment for me, for i will be able to go to a legit(?) amusement park with legit rides. haha! When we got there, all i'm thinking was "try all the rides and make sure to enjoy everything!". So yeah, here it goes. I took these photos only using my iphone5S coz my dslr camera's broken.

First among the rides we did was the Disk O' Magic, then we tried the Rialto 4D Cinema that shows The Green Lantern that time, then we walked along the Brooklyn Place. After which we tried the Space Shuttle, the Air Racer and Jungle Log Jam.
This is the view on the Brooklyn Place. It really does look like Brooklyn, New York though.
This is the Jungle Log Jam, and you definitely be ready to be wet and wild in the jungle. 
The Space Shuttle Roller Coaster.
The Air Racer, the ride that will turn you upside-down and does a 360 degrees flip.
Here's the Rio Grande Rapids and the Flying Fiesta.
the Magic Hour silhouette of the Space Shuttle Roller Coaster.
 having our little break after all the rides we've done.
Right before we went home, we decided to ride the Space Shuttle again, unfortunately when the ride is about to finished, we got stuck along the rail of the roller coaster. Good thing, we got to get out alive haha. 
I was mesmerized on he beauty of lights on the Rialto building. Look how beautiful it was.
So as the beautiful sun sets, it's a sign that we already have to go home.
On our way out, i was stunned seeing this carousel. It is full of lights and it looks so enchanting. I can't help but take a photo of it.
It was really a great day for me, an exciting and unforgettable one. It was all worth it!

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  1. your blog is gorgeous, i really love your pictures and the way you edit them :)