B A G U I O : day 2

On New Year's Day we went to Camp John Hay Complex. It's an all-in-one place. They have almost everything you needed, from restaurants, hotels, parks, and breath-taking views, not to mention the very cold weather :D

first on our itenerary is, visit the MANOR Hotel.

 here's a quick #OOTD with MANOR as the background.
 an Instax and an iPhone comes in handy for this trip. 
 we had lunch at Pancake House. 
 a quick photo-op since we wore the same shirt for today.

after a long day in Camp John Hay, we then have our dinner at CHOCO-LATE de BATIROL; a Filipino Cafe specializing in hot, thick, bittersweet tsokolate drink made from local cacao beans. This is a popular merienda hangout when you are in Camp John Hay, Baguio City.
 Then after our dinner we then go directly to BURNHAM PARK again to do some thrift shopping at their UKAY_UKAY or locally known as "WAGWAGAN"; this night market does nothing to enhance a visitor's experience of Baguio City as the items sold are ordinary at best and low quality ukay-ukay items at worst. You can be lucky to find authentic branded clothes, bagas and shoes at a low price! hehe
 This night market, doesn't only have a wide selection of clothes and shoes, they also have a huge array of scrumptious street food such as siomai, shawarma, different types of corns, fisballs, squid balls, and even a one-day old chick. You will really enjoy this spot of the road.
 and for this trip, here is one of my favorite photo of mine :D
[p.s: all the photos were taken using my iPhone 5S only.]

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