Bubble Gang Studio Visit

02.16.2014 | Bubble Gang Studio Visit // 4:00 in the afternoon.

Right after Showtime, we then went to the new building of the GMA Studios to visit my cousin's friend Juancho Trivino over his shooting for the hit comedy show, Bubble Gang.

here are some photos i took during their taping.
i never expected to see this big studio. all along i though it's just a green-screen effect.

a segment with their guest for this episode; the beautiful Marian Rivera
the gorgeous, Sam Pinto.
and of course, i can't miss the chance to have a photo with the ever beautiful 
Mrs. Marian Rivera-Dantes
For the segment "tsugi or churva"
The taping ended past 1:00 in the morning, so after almost 10 hours in the studio, finally we are about to go hom and rest. haha But it's not a bad experience at all because we we're able to hit "2 birds in 1 stone"; first we're able to visit Showtime then next Bubble Gang. Tiring but fun! :D


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