S A G I N G R E P A B L I K: Sagingese Cuisine in Davao

Davao region is one of the biggest producer of Bananas in the Philippines. To maximize the use of this fruit, one restaurant has made a difference and establish an interesting idea in incorporating bananas in their food, SAGING REPABLIK.
Opened last year 2014, Saging Repablik has really established it's name as one of the most visited cafe/restaurant in Davao City. It is located along V. Mapa St. corner Tionko Ave. The rustic industrial architectural design with high ceiling and large space of the place makes it awesome and it gives a relaxing and comfortable feeling. Saging Repablik had made their presence felt and ready for a healthy competition among the restaurants here in Davao since it opened its doors to the public.  What made them stand out and became talk of the town was the incorporation of bananas on their dishes. And i must say that they did it really well.
the cities, that compromises Saging Repablik. 
Saging Repablik has its unique way of serving Banana Cue. They have their own station where you can make your own banana cue station, the reason why most people keep coming back. Because for only Php 55.00 you can create your own banana cue, where you can choose your dip and toppings.
Alongside their awesome interior and very cool ambiance, they also offer a very good selection of food that will surely make you crave for more.
We started our meal with some appetizers that will surely hype up your appetite. 
Cheese Sticks with Chocolate dip.
Camaron Rebusado Con Banana ( Deep fried Shrimp and Banana Slices )
 they also have a wide selection of fresh fruit juices. Healthy and Affordable.
Beer Batter Fish and Banana Chips.
Afrinana (Afritada with Bananas)
Chickenana Pops (Chicken and Banana Pops)
Beef Tenderloin Salpicao
Spareribs with Banana Barbeque Sauce - A traditional Filipino Pork Adobo with a twist.
Orange Chicken with Walnuts
Sisag (Sisig with Saging)
Beef Pochero con Saba
Humbanana Cue (Pork Humba with Banana Cue)
Chicken Cordon Blue

And For dessert, we were serve with their best-selling, delectable and very delicious sweets.
Turonuttela (Typical turon smothered with Nuttela Filling)
Banana Cue Cream Pie with chocolate chips
Frosted Double Gatchocolatto | a perfect chocolate drink for couples
of course every after every sweet delicious dessert, a cup of coffee is a great.

Though their best seller dessert is their BANANA WALNUT TORTE, unfortunately i was not able to try it this time; but as what i've heard it is really delicious and unforgettable.
(photo grabbed from jazperjay.wordpress.com)

but wait, there's more! Saging Repablik does not only serve food, they also have merchandises such as bags, accessories and apparels.
Because of its cozy and beautiful ambiance, Saging Repablik has become a perfect place to hang out with friends and family even if you just want to chill and dine.  A very great place that serves traditional Filipino dishes with a banana twist.

For updates visit their 
Instagram: @sagingrepablik

Store Hours: 
Sun-Thu (7:00AM – 12:00MN)
Fri-Sat (7:00AM – 1:00AM)


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