Showtime Experience

02.16.2014 | ABS-CBN Studio, Quezon City.

Bored and got nothing to do, so me and my cousin decided to visit the studio of ABS-CBN's Showtime; the best noon time show in the country today. We went there with no guest list or visitor's pass, so it  was really a test of luck for us. We walked-in the audience entrance wishing that we can be able to enter the studio. We arrived around 7:00 in the morning, and we will know if we will be able to get in around 10:30 in the morning. We waited along other with walk-in people for few hours, tired and super sleepy. We got somewhat hopeless because the walk-in people can only get in once the number of visitors and studio tours will not reach 410. So around 10:00 in the morning a person announced that all people who walked-in can get in. So at least our effort and wasted time is worth it.
the control center

XP Gensan
 look how beautiful Anne Curtis is. <3
the trademark Showtime Hosts group hug. Unfortunately they're not complete today because Vhong Navarro is sick and Ryan Bang was not able to make it to the show.
Coleen Garcia; Introducing Billy and Jhong for the "Sine mo to" segment
Looking for the "Popoy" and "Basya" from the madlang people
This is how the backstage looks like evrytime there is a change of set for the "Sine mo to" segment.
the famous Dumbo of Showtime
Now it's time for the "Kalokalike Phase 3" segment of the show
For today's show, one of the highlight is the album promotion of the best David Pomeranz; he even gave a short sample for his new single in his new album.
It was really a tiring (because i have no enough sleep) yet fulfilling day for us. It was a wonderful experience to be able to go there and become part of the show. Can't wait to go to Showtime again!


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