KOGI BULGOGI: Korean Cuisine

it's Chinese New Year, and it seems that good luck is not on our side haha we tried to go to Showtime, again but unfortunately we were not able to get in because no more available slots in both guest lists and walk-in. So we then went to Eastwood to have lunch and we decide to have lunch at Kogi.
We tried their Hot Stone Bowls; because it seems delicious it's very affordable.

Sam Gyup Sal | Php 148.00
Dweji | Php 148.00
Korean Style Fried Chicken | Php 148.00
Dumplings | Php 138.00
Actually i was quite disappointed with their service because its so slow, but given the circumstance that it was lunch time and there are only few staff working, so... But their food was really tasty, not so Korean-ish tasting compared to what i've tasted from other Korean restaurant but good enough.

for more infomation/iquiries:
2nd Floor, infront of Italiannis
Eastwood Ave, Libis, Quezon City


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