Outfit Post: LIGHT and BRIGHT

This is the season that i'm actually looking forward to. The season where you can wear colorful and funky clothes and very comfortable ones. here's a light and bright summer inspired outfit. It's like an outfit that can be worn at the beach and just on a casual day. 

what do you think?

Outfit Post: SHIBUYA

I don't actually know what to write for this blog. haha It's been a while since I posted an outfit post. Well for this day, i met up with some awesome people which I met through instagram. They're also a style blogger like me, so we kinda' get along easily and decided to do an outfit shoot.

 here's a new outfit i come up with. This is something new for me since im not really used to do a street style. hehe what do you think?

I want to thank my blogger/photographer friend Sam Nuyda for these awesome pictures.


Foto Modelo Ateneo Season 4: FOUR FLARE, ALL DARE.

Last September 2014, I was privilege of being chosen as one of the Business Management (BM) Division's representative for the event; I was the Photographer for BM. This is one event that i was really looking forward to join in my stay in Ateneo, simply because it's one of the most prestigious events made to showcase the different talents of each participants in terms of creativity and style.

For this event, each department must choose 4 students to participate given the roles of being the model, hair and make-up stylist, designer and the photographer. It's like a competition of the best-of-the-best in each department. So the pressure is really beyond expectation. 

For this year's challenge we are given 4 Weekly Challenge that will test our capacities in our chose filed. We will be tested produce the best output in a limited amount of time. As criteria for the photographers, we are going to shoot the challenges in a limited time and have to submit our photos UNEDITED, yes you read it right, it should be raw and untouched. That's one of my greatest challenge in this endeavor. 

Super thanks to my Team that all the challenges have been so much fun and unforgettable.

Models: Cean Chan and Ara Salvador
Designer: Michael John Macadangdang
Hair/Make-up Artist: Dale Lapulapu


Tagaytay City
March 5, 2015

Today, the family decided to have brunch at Bag of Beans, Located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay City. Bag of beans is nestled in unman cured garden setting in Tagaytay. People choose to dine in al fresco for that foresty-ish feeling. It’s actually the experience and ambiance that you would be paying for aside from the food. I really like the ambiance and the homey feel of the place, because it really gives you a relaxing feeling while dining in and enjoying the beautiful surrounding of the place. Another great thing about Bag of Beans is that they offer a different variety of delicious food. They have the best freshly baked raisin bread and hot chocolate that i've tasted so far; a MUST TRY! hehe :D