Foto Modelo Ateneo Season 4: FOUR FLARE, ALL DARE.

Last September 2014, I was privilege of being chosen as one of the Business Management (BM) Division's representative for the event; I was the Photographer for BM. This is one event that i was really looking forward to join in my stay in Ateneo, simply because it's one of the most prestigious events made to showcase the different talents of each participants in terms of creativity and style.

For this event, each department must choose 4 students to participate given the roles of being the model, hair and make-up stylist, designer and the photographer. It's like a competition of the best-of-the-best in each department. So the pressure is really beyond expectation. 

For this year's challenge we are given 4 Weekly Challenge that will test our capacities in our chose filed. We will be tested produce the best output in a limited amount of time. As criteria for the photographers, we are going to shoot the challenges in a limited time and have to submit our photos UNEDITED, yes you read it right, it should be raw and untouched. That's one of my greatest challenge in this endeavor. 

Super thanks to my Team that all the challenges have been so much fun and unforgettable.

Models: Cean Chan and Ara Salvador
Designer: Michael John Macadangdang
Hair/Make-up Artist: Dale Lapulapu

Here are the photos i submitted for the event.

Week 1 Challenge: FABRIC MAGIC

We are to use a 10 meter fabric to make a dress for the female model without cutting or using other materials.
see more photos of this challenge here.
Week 2 Challenge: POWDER POWER

Each department was given the choice of using holi powder, charcoal, mud mask and baking soda; an the make up artist of each team is to make lumad-inspired design, as the photographers will be taking their beauty shots.
Week 3 Challenge: FRAME GAME

For this challenge, each photographer was provided with a phone camera (iPhone 4S to be specific) by the event organizers, and it will be used by each team’s photographer to capture the theme of academic excellence in their photographs.

*this is the most challenging part for me because im still not used to use a phone camera for a shoot. I'm more comfortable to use my DSLR haha
see more photos of this challenge here.
 Week 4 Challenge: BUDGET PROJECT

For this challenge, each team will be given a total of Php 600 to purchase clothes, accessories, etc. for their models. Teams are expected to use only Php 300 per model. Teams are to create fashionable street wear attire for their models using only what was purchased during the challenge.
for more photos of this challenge, click here.

 *Special Challenge for the Designer.

The designer of each team is required to design and create a tribal-inspired dress and clothes for their models using only recyclable materials. The point is to make the designs tribal inspired yet still fashionable while using only recyclabe materials as their resource, which will test the creativity and resourcefulness of the designers.

In this challenge we used, mirror, papers and yarns. Kudos to MJ "Balong" Macadangdang for being able to come up with a Maranao Royalty inspired outfits. All the sleepless nights and cramming times were all worth it! :D
for more photos, click here.

Though I didn't win and be part of the Top 3 (out of 8 participating departments), i'm still happy to be able to showcase my works to all people in the event, and be able to present them what i am capable of, and i'm just thankful for the wonderful experience i had.
Here is another part of the contest that the photographers has to do, we are given a minute or so to take photos with our models on stage for about a minute or so. This is to determine who will be the Litratista of the Night.
Luckily for me, I was the one chosen to be the LITRATISTA OF THE NIGHT. Such achievement!
the B&M Team

It was really a fun experience for me to be able to push through and produce all these awesome photos after a month long challenge. I know i was able to give justice to the works of my team. Looking forward to do more challenges like this in the future. Also thank you the the AdDU MassComm students, organizers and the participating committees to make all this possible.


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