Gelato Frenzy: Build your own Gelato

All foodies, gelato and ice cream enthusiasts, are you ready for the biggest surprise Missy Bon Bon Bread House has to offer this summer?

In line with the 5th year Anniversary celebration of the Missy Bon Bon Bread House, here's a treat to all of us Davaoenos!  It's time to build your own gelato and enjoy it just the way you want it. Only at ‪#‎GelatoFrenzy‬, starts this April 27 until May 3. just visit the Missy BonBon Gmall of Davao!
This is the time that you will show your creativity while having fun. hehe So what are you waiting for? invite your friends and family now, and experience this one of a kind celebration. See you there! :)
Don't forget to take a picture of what you've made and tag Missy Bon Bon.


Missy Bonbon: Gelato Frenzy Davao

It's Summer time! and what is that something that makes our hot days a lot cooler and sweeter at the same time? Ice cream and gelatos right? So Missy Bonbon Bread Shop is celebrating their 5th Anniversary this year. In lieu of this celebration, Missy Bonbon is offering a very great promo for their best tasting gelatos this summer. If you purchase any of their gelatos you just add Php 50.00 on top of your gelatos and get unlimited toppings of your choice. Isn't that awesome?


Comfortable and Classic. 

I'm really a fan of khaki's and chinos so i decided to come up with this look; The combination of  a khaki colored chino shorts and white button downs is a classic pairing. It gives a summer, earthy and beach-y vibe to it that make it a really good style. Since it's already summer and i'm off to a spontaneous getaway, i decided to pair it with my Birkenstock-inspired sandals.

TRAVEL: SUMMER 2015 - BUDA || 2/2

Day 2: Epol Spring Resort

The weather is quite sunny and kind of hot than usual but it didn't stop us to do an extreme adventure such as going through the forest and look for the nearest waterfall there is. It's quite a difficult trekking experience but it's worth it! After almost an hour of trekking we finally been able to reach our destination.

TRAVEL: SUMMER 2015 - BUDA || 1/2

Cheers to another spontaneous getaways i had with some of my new found friends. It was just a day after our graduation when suddenly i received a text from a friend inviting me to go to Buda on the next day. Since, i'm bored at home and i know I've got nothing to do by then, so i said yes and i'll be going with them for the trip.  Gladly, i didn't have any regret of coming with them because i was able to experience things I've never tried before. 

A lot of things had happened in our two-days adventure! though it's just a quick one but it's unforgettable. It was really worth it!

Day 1: Alice Loge House 
This is our home for our 2-day trip. It is a 4-floors house that will surely make your stay in this place worthwhile. They have lots of indoor activities that you can enjoy such as billiards, Foosball, board games and crossword puzzles that can be a tool to bond with your family, friends and colleagues.

Outfit Post: Funky Socks

Here's another outfit post for you guys! hehe Since it's summer, i really want to be as comfortable as possible in my outfit especially in the raging heat of this season. So here's something i come up with to enjoy the summer heat and still being comfortable with style. It's actually my first time to try wearing long funky socks with shorts and roam around the city. It was quite an interesting style for me since im not really used to it. At first i'm kinda' uncomfortable with the look but eventually i'm starting to like it. hehe

I might do this more often sometime soon especially now that it's summer and it somewhat fits the season hehe

so what do you think?

*credits to Sam Nuyda for the photos.