TRAVEL: SUMMER 2015 - BUDA || 1/2

Cheers to another spontaneous getaways i had with some of my new found friends. It was just a day after our graduation when suddenly i received a text from a friend inviting me to go to Buda on the next day. Since, i'm bored at home and i know I've got nothing to do by then, so i said yes and i'll be going with them for the trip.  Gladly, i didn't have any regret of coming with them because i was able to experience things I've never tried before. 

A lot of things had happened in our two-days adventure! though it's just a quick one but it's unforgettable. It was really worth it!

Day 1: Alice Loge House 
This is our home for our 2-day trip. It is a 4-floors house that will surely make your stay in this place worthwhile. They have lots of indoor activities that you can enjoy such as billiards, Foosball, board games and crossword puzzles that can be a tool to bond with your family, friends and colleagues.

here's the view of the third-floor, the "entertainment room".

here's a sneak peak of the view that you can enjoy all-day. It's such a relaxing feeling that you're far away from the stressful environment of the city and just enjoy the scenic view of mountains and skies that comes with a cold breeze. It's awesome right?
thanks to the people who's with me in this adventure and made this trip very memorable! :D
photos by: Klyde Jarabelo and Miel Laquindanum

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