TRAVEL: SUMMER 2015 - BUDA || 2/2

Day 2: Epol Spring Resort

The weather is quite sunny and kind of hot than usual but it didn't stop us to do an extreme adventure such as going through the forest and look for the nearest waterfall there is. It's quite a difficult trekking experience but it's worth it! After almost an hour of trekking we finally been able to reach our destination.

some plants that are for sale that you can see along the road. It's really fascinating! 
Now the downward trekking begins. haha
and finally we've reach our destination, yet our journey didn't end there haha
here's two of our tour guides for this adventure
and we have arrived! its not as what i expected, but at least it's still a waterfalls hehe.
 now it's time to enjoy the waters. hehe it's not as clean as you think but its, spring water so it's still a good water to dive in. hehe 
After the fun waterfall adventure, we went back home and pack up our things for we are leaving for Davao already. Well that's what I thought haha! But we ain't going home just yet, we drove for another hour going to Bukidnon and went to the Overlooking area of the place to see a majestic view of Bukidnon and Buda Area.
our last groufie before we leave.
it was really an unforgettable experience, such a memorable one! thanks for being so spontaneous and adventurous friends! 'till the next adventure.


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