Outfit Post: Funky Socks

Here's another outfit post for you guys! hehe Since it's summer, i really want to be as comfortable as possible in my outfit especially in the raging heat of this season. So here's something i come up with to enjoy the summer heat and still being comfortable with style. It's actually my first time to try wearing long funky socks with shorts and roam around the city. It was quite an interesting style for me since im not really used to it. At first i'm kinda' uncomfortable with the look but eventually i'm starting to like it. hehe

I might do this more often sometime soon especially now that it's summer and it somewhat fits the season hehe

so what do you think?

*credits to Sam Nuyda for the photos.

what im wearing:
shirt from Oxygen Clothing
shorts from Uniqlo
sneakers from Vans; socks from Iconic Socks