Blue Lagoon

Day 1: April 27, 2015
Bleza Reunion 2015

This year's reunion of the Bleza side took place in my hometown; San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. It's the time of year when my cousins, aunts and uncles and my first-degree relatives will gather and celebrate life as a family. It's the time of the year where we can bond and re-kindle with our dearest loved ones and make time to create wonderful and unforgettable memories with them even for a short period of time. This year's itinerary revolves around the gorgeous place of Surigao del Sur; so this will surely be a great summer vacation for all of us.

For our first destination, we visited the famous cave/lagoon or known to us as "Langub"; located at Lianga Surigao del Sur. It's just along the highway so you can easily see look for it.

of course! a groufie with my cousins. hehe
here's a landmark where you can see the awesome cave/lagoon

After a quick dip in that awesome clear blue water lagoon, we then went directly to our family's farm, where we quenched our thirsts with a fresh coconut juice and enjoying the view of a vast coconut farm.
here's me enjoying the wonderful scenery of our farm and trying my best to capture its beauty.
and that's a wrap of our first day in our #AgusanInvasion and #SurigaoInvasion this summer! More awesome adventures to come.


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