Britania Islands, Surigao

Day 3: April 29, 2015
Bleza Reunion 2015

Today, we are off to the beautiful Islands of Britania; a breathtaking paradise in Surigao del Sur. It is a group of beautiful, untouched islands is Surigao del Sur's best-kept secret, specifically in the municipality of San Agustin. With it's pristine white sand  beaches, you can never go wrong in choosing Britania as one of your summer destinations. It can be the next Boracay or El Nido, Palawan in terms of beauty and crystal clear waters.

I just love the picturesque views that the place is showing. From the mangroves around, the bridge going to the boat dock that is made of wooden planks. It really makes me takes pictures of almost everything i see around me. It was really a fun moment. 

a quick groufie before we go visit the islands
I'm quite enjoying myself being soaked in the sun in this part of the boat. hehe
So for our trip, we rented out three (3) boats to accommodate the number of people that went with us in this trip. During our recent visit, we managed to visit only 3 islands. 

First stop is the Hagonoy Island. In this Island, there were few coconuts growing and the trees become sort of a shade for visitors who don't wanna plunge in the water.
Hagonoy Island - Britania Islet, Surigao

Look how mesmerizing the beauty of this island is even from afar; The island is actually named after the weed that used to grow there. 

But right before we go to the next island, we manage to have a mini-photo op with the whole family.

Here's my awesome, most amazing family.
The next island we visited is the Naked Island. The reason why it is called as such it’s because there’s nothing to it but an island with white sand floating on top of the water. And it is said to vanish once the water tide rises at around late afternoon.

the Naked Island - Britania Islets, Surigao

The last stop for this journey is the largest among the group of  Islands, it is called  the Boslon Island. Because of it's wide area, it's the best place to have your meals eaten or relax and have a picture-taking moment. There is also a cross and a statue of Virgin Mary standing on the side of the island.
Boslon Island - Britania Islets, Surigao

We didn't get to enjoy the place that much because there are so many people in the area taking their lunch and occupying most of the area, so after having our lunch in our boat, we decided to go back to the first Island we went to. So that we can swim more and plunge on the beautiful waters of the island.

It's time to go home, but we did a last stop-over in this viewing deck. What a great place to have a majestic view of the coast and the islands.  It's really worth it!

The Britiania Islands journey was really awesome and was a memorable one; the breathtaking islands are really a best-kept-secret in the province, and I am just thankful to have an awesome experience and being able to enjoy nature at its finest. Though it was very tiring, nothing really matters more than the memories we made and the bonding we had in this adventure. It was truly amazing.

Time for the much needed rest! watch out for more adventures soon. 


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