Enchanted River

Day 2: April 28, 2015
Bleza Reunion 2015

For today's itinerary, we're going to the amazing Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is a lagoon-river and it flows into the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It's quite a popular tourist destination in the area because of it's crystal-clear waters, wherein you can really see the riverbed even at the deepest part and even if without using a goggles or any device.

Here's the start of our journey to Enchanted River, we rented out a van for our transportation. Though it takes more than an hour to arrive in the river, you'll not be bored still because of the wonderful views that you'll pass by along the way. It's really relaxing; It really makes me want to stay in the province longer and just have a rest and relaxation moment.

Finally we arrive in our destination! Look how amazing the color of the water is. Breathtaking!
Enchanted River  - Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Time to enjoy the river! hehe It's really a great feeling being in the cold clear-waters especially in the scorching heat of summer! This is better than going to the beach hehe

One of the most unique features of the enchanted river is its unfathomable depth. The dark blue color in the river simply means the water is very deep. It's really quite scary swimming in some parts of the river because you don't know what is hidden underneath the deep waters. hehe Or maybe it's just me feeling it. Im afraid of super deep and dark waters; because i feel like somethings gonna pull me or something strange and scary may come out of the water anytime hehe

Well anyways, the enchanted river has the most magical moment at exactly 12 noon, because the caretaker rings a bell requesting everyone to get out from the water for it is “feeding time” already for the fishes. The hymn of the province is being played and a school of fish suddenly pops out from nowhere, and these fishes gather near the center of the river as the caretaker throws food for the fishes. It's quite amusing to see many big fishes being fed and well taken care of by it's people.

Look how mesmerizing the view of the place is; It really feels good swimming, diving and enjoying the summer heat in this place. A great rest and relaxation moment for me. 

Just before our Enchanted River experience come to an end, we did a side trip / a little adventure in the area. We ride on a boat and went cruising into the sea to see more of the beauty of the place. The boat is only P150.00 per hour and you will be able to go to the nearby fish cage area where they grow different kinds of fishes and be able to swim with a big sting ray. Awesome right?

After a visit to the Enchanted River, one is left speechless and breathless from seeing this majestic river. I'll be coming back here sometime soon for sure! What a great way to spend the summer! Til next time Enchanted River!


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