Today i am too lazy to think of an outfit to wear, so i went back to basics. Since i'm only doing errands and do some shopping i just want to wear something comfortable and cool at the same time.

Here's what i came up with.

What i'm wearing
Basic Tee (Old Navy), shorts (Bench)
Zox Straps (Steezy), watch (Wize ans Ope)
slip-ons (Vans), Bag (MSense: SM Accessories)

By the way, there's one thing that really is the highlight of my day. I know that i am an impulsive buyer all along and today i did an impulse buying haha. I was just doing some window shopping around the mall when suddenly i came across The Lacoste botique; and they're on their last day of sale. So i checked out some shoes when suddenly i saw this awesome wite sneakers on the display. It's been a while since im looking for a great pair of white shoes that will really compliment my feet haha and i found it! Without hesitations i asked for my size and bought the pair of shoes hihi.
Of course, i did try doing some ootd shots with my new shoes. And i'm loving it hehe 
Even though it costs more than i have budgeted for a pair of shoes, i know it'll be totally worth it. Kahit naubos ang allowance ko this week. There's nothing wrong pampering and satisfying yourself too much every once in a while right? Hehe

*sorry for the low quality photos. photos taken using iPhone5S and edited via VSCOCam


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