About a month ago, i joined this online contest/promo of Chuck and Leon where you just have to repost their photo and write something that will best describe your summer nights to win their summer nights kit.
I am not really a lucky person when it comes to online contests or at any raffles or promos. But as what they have said, maybe the odds were in my favor that time; luckily i won! Yey!
Since i was so excited to receive my prize, so i emailed them immediately my information. Unfortunately things became a bit rough; on the first few days after i won, the people behind Chuck and Leon constantly communicating with me but as weeks gone by I still didn't get my prize. I thought i got scammed or whatsoever, so I decided to post my deepest disappointment about the situation over my instagram account and tagged them up. I know it's kinda rude and offensive at some point but in my end, i just wanna express what i feel and just want them to know that. 

On the same night that i posted something in Instagram, i finally receive an email from the brand asking for apology and sharing that they have been offended by my sentiments. I was sorry as well for being so aggressive and posted something online that may harm or affect their company. But great thing was, Things have been resolved and everything was settled. There were some things that they need to handle and settle up first that's why my package was delayed. After the exchanging of emails, i was able to understand their side and was able to make things better again.

A day after, i got my package already! Yey for me! Finally i'll be able to enjoy my prize and experience great summer nights with the kit they gave me. Honestly, I really loved all the things that were given to me haha
I am so excited to wear these button down and shorts on my next beach trip or travel abroad! Hehe will post an #ootd of this as soon as i will be able to wear this on a trip. Watch out for that! 

Thank you and Sorry again Chuck and Leon.

p.s sorry for the low quality photos. (taken using iPhone5S; edited via VSCOCam)


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