Macho Mucho Barbershop and Salon - Davao
Haircut! It's something that will really intensify and give your look a different perspective. Sometimes it's the hair that kind of shows our personality; so it just safe to say that we do whatever it takes just to makes us more attractive and more good looking. 

I don't actually have my own hair stylist so most of the time my hair style is not always the same as the previous one i had even though i'm going to the same salon or barbershop to have my haircut. Lately, i tried finding someplace around the city  a great shop that can really that gives a great service and a comfortable place to have my haircut. 

Right now, stylish men really put a great effort to look best and have the perfect hairstyle to bring out their style and makes them look better. So if you're looking for the an awesome barbershop/salon that will really cater your needs and brings out the best service, i have a great news for you; MACHO MUCHO is the place for you.
Macho Mucho is one of the premier men's salon and barbershop in the metro! They really provide the best service possible. Their first shop in Davao just opened a few months ago, and they got a great reviews and feedback so far. With a great ambiance and cool interiors, you will really feel relaxed while having your haircut. 

Macho Mucho is the perfect shop for the modern stylish men because those men who wants to style their hairs according to their preference will be achieved now, given that the shop has its trained experts to cut and style our hairs. Now you can look more Stylish and Fashionable.
But wait, there's more! haha they also have an area which you can get a Foot Spa and or even Mani-Pedi’s, not just for men but for women as well.
Another awesome feature of Macho Mucho is the complimentary cup of coffee that you can enjoy while pampering yourself.

They actually have product essentials for men as well. So what more could you ask for?
It was really a great experience for me. 

It was surely  relaxing and i really admire the services they offer. Can't wait to be back at Macho Mucho! 

visit them at SM City Davao, at the Bridge, between The Annex and the Main Building. 

for more information, follow them on:
facebook and on instagram @MachoMucho!



  1. what service did you have? im a bit confused between their "cut & style" and "barbercut"

  2. strongly anchored on its team’s ability to provide everything from on-trend cuts to classic styles, is a compelling reminder of inherent masculine values—adventure, Get a hair cut