Zox straps are something that can really make your outfits look better. A simple band/strap that can really change your look and make it cooler.

What I love most about Zox Straps is that apart from being tremendously amazing work of art, each Zox Strap represents the infectious passion by the artists who designed them, the creativity and ingenuity of the makers, and the nagging need to share with the world the principles one values and what one finds beautiful through these tiny yet powerful Zox Straps. It can be a sure game changer in your daily outfits for they have a wide variety of designs that will surely fit your style. 

I would like to thanks Steezy.ph for the awesome Zox straps I got from their #FreeZoxMondays promo on instagram a few weeks ago. Check 'em out now and grab yourself a Zox Strap. 

the REVOLT strap design.
the STRIKE strap design
the REBELS strap design
The CLUTCH Strap design
paired my clutch zox strap with my wize and ope watch for one of my #ootds


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