Photo Diary: Singapore pt. 1

July 23, 2015 - Singapore Day 1

It been a while since I had my last International trip; so it's quite exciting for me to have an almost 3-weeks long vacation. First stop on our list is Singapore! And today, we went to Universal Studios Singapore at the Resorts World Sentosa Complex. It was really an exciting and a fantastic day for me - not only because it's my first time in the USS, also because i was able to try almost all the rides of this awesome amusement/theme park!

Here are some of the photos i took for this day. 
P.S this is going to be a long post; so just bear with me please haha
Universal Studios Singapore - exterior
yey! finally a photo with the famous Universal Studios Globe :D
Step onto Hollywood Boulevard framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Walk of Fame, you will feel as if you have landed in the center of the entertainment universe.
Universal Studios SIngapore - Hollywood Strip
Universal Studios Singapore - Minion Mart
Po, my favorite Dreamworks Animation character. (Kung Fu Panda)
Feel the spirit and energy of America's biggest and grandest city as you stroll along the sidewalks and enjoy all the classic landmarks. Soak in the impressive city skylines, neon lights, and facades that set the scenes for big city fun and real-time movie production. 

The city of the future has arrived. Through the impressive portals of Sci-Fi City you will experience the ultimate intergalactic battle of Good vs. Evil and visit a vibrant metropolis with all the ultimate modern conveniences.
Universal Studios Singapore - Sci-Fi City

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel, dueling roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore. One of the coasters is an inverted roller coaster track in blue, and the other half is a traditional seated roller coaster in red.
Universal Studios Singapore - Battlestar Galactica

Ancient pyramids and obelisks stand fast against the sands of time as you are transported to 1930’s Egypt, the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration. Travel to an era when entire Pharaohs tombs were discovered- and their terrible curses unleashed.
Universal Studios Singapore - Ancient Egypr 
Universal Studios Singapore - The Mummy Returns
one of the refreshment booths inside the park
Divided into two themed areas: Jurassic Park™ and WaterWorld™, this zone is for fans of the two blockbuster movies, as they can experience a dense tropical forest where dinosaurs lurk, then watch death defying stunts filled with thrills and spills!
Universal Studios Singapore - Jurassic Park
A giant skeleton of the T-Rex inside one of the food coves of the Lost World area
my first experience of the Singapore's famous local food, the Laksa. I have been longing to try this since the time we have decided to go to Singapore. It actually is delicous! Spicy and flavorful. A must try!

Movie stars and talking donkeys… come experience the lifestyles of the rich and fairy-taled. Guests can enjoy Shrek 4-D Adventure or go on the world’s first Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey.
Universal Studios Singapore - Far Far Away Land | Shrek
Universal Studios Singapore - Shrek's Castle

The shop at the Far Far Away area that sells Shrek souvenir items and refreshments that is placed in a potion bottle 

Based on the hit DreamWorks Animation film, Madagascar, this zone brings you to a dense tropical jungle, filled with strange and wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas.

Universal Studios Singapore - Madagascar
Crate Adventure: Join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, the four heroes from DreamWorks Animation’s blockbuster movie Madagascar, as they embark on an unforgettable river ride adventure in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.


Right before we go home, i was roaming around to check for nice ares that we weren't able to visit yet; and bingo! i found this alley just around the New York area.
The view of the place at night.
 In one of the shops around the Hollywood Blvd., i was amused seeing this miniature replicas of the Oscar's trophy. I want to buy one but it's quite expensive so i did not bother buying anymore haha
 I also saw this cute little minions stuffed toys. Aren't they adorable? 
*they're so fluffy, im gonna -----*

Finally! the day is over. It was a really amazing experience - tiring but super fun!, I had a great time riding all those scary and thrilling rides. Can't wait to go back to USS sometime soon. :D


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