ASUS ZEN FESTIVAL 2015: Davao Fans Gathering

A gathering of ASUS and Zenfone fanatics took place at Rekado Filipino Comfort Food restaurant last September 26, 2015 as the ASUS Philippines conducts the Zenfestival 2015.
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Davao Bloggers were invited to take part of this quarterly event, where Zenfone enthusiasts gather together, through the Zentalk forum, in celebrating good times and have fun, as well as sharing thoughts and helping fellow Zenfone users to properly maximize the full potential of the products.

Abreeza Fashion Forum: Let's Talk Brows

Abreeza Fashion Forum and Browhaus Manila
present Brow basics and trends

This month’s installment of the Abreeza Fashion Forum shone the spotlight on an accessory that can complete any look: great brows.
With eyebrows being a hot topic in beauty in recent years, the Abreeza Fashion Forum and Browhaus: The Brow Salon teamed up to school guests on the basics and trends in brows. Gracing the forum held on September 17, 2015 was beauty expert Nicole Romero, who maintains the beauty blog, is editor-in-chief of, and has served as beauty editor for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!, and Candy.

Photo Diary: Epol Mountain Spring

It's been a stressful day in the city and i know that i really need to take a break from the city life, go somewhere to unwind and chill. And nature really plays a big part in distressing me lately. I just can't get enough with how beautiful nature can be once you appreciate every bit of it.

About a few weeks ago, luckily i was able to go on a nature trip with some friends. Epol Mountain Spring Resort located in Marilog District, Davao City; about an hour and a half drive from the city proper.

Epol is famous for its waterfalls, and I've heard that there are 3 waterfalls in the area. From the starting point, you have to trek for 20 to 30 minutes to reach the first waterfalls. It's not an easy path because it's rocky, wet and slippery; not to mention it's a downward slope, but all the stress and effort will be worth it!

here's a photo diary of my adventure! 

Blue Post Boilng Davao: Mixology

Just last September 15, 2015, around 7 o'clock in the evening, I got invited to a small gathering of bloggers for the launching of  Blue Post Boiling's Mixology. It's an intimate event where only few bloggers invited and become a social media influencer for the restaurant.

Anyways, it's actually my first time to try dining at Blue Post Boiling Davao, so by the time i got the email that i was invited, i was really excited about it because finally i can be able to try their dishes and whatever they can offer us. hehe

Mixology by Nestle, is a mini LED Bar that showcases six (6) different flavors of juices. With this newest offering, customers are given the chance to mix your own concoction of drinks according to your liking. If ever you're unsure of what to do, there is a menu prepared that consists of 8 different concoction where you can follow and replicate to make a new blend.

Philippine Mavericks at IPTL 2015

PLDT HOME Fibr powers up star-studded Philippine Mavericks at IPTL 2015
Headlined by World No. tennis superstar 1 Serena Williams

MANILA, September 14, 2015 – Last year, the Manila leg of the first-ever International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) marked the country’s most prestigious sporting event to date as the world’s most iconic names in tennis came together to battle it out in a spectacular showcase.

Following that intense three-day tournament with over 30,000 fans at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, IPTL is poised to return for its second season this December. Presenting the Philippine leg once again and the all-new Philippine Mavericks team (formerly the Manila Mavericks) is PLDT HOME Fibr, the country’s most powerful broadband.

Welcome to my Dream Home

Samsung Happy Home upgrades Filipino Families’ Lifestyle

"..With it's latest innovative, smart, and high quality digital products line-up, Samsung is once again offering a whole new home experience for the Filipino families.." 
- Lei-Lani Montemayor, Samsung Product Manager

Last September 10, 2015, I was invited to be a part of Samsung Happy Home Event at Abreeza Ayala Malls. It was really a privilege for me to be able to witness the newest addition to their innovative and energy-saving appliances that makes our life so much easier especially in doing chores. Well, the event is quite interesting for they had a small skit depicting the usual scenarios in one household while doing chores or just chilling around the house and also how will the new Samsung products will help the household become much happier than before.

Samsung really upgrades the Filipino Families' lifestyle nowadays and to create one's dream home, families want to be able to comfortably lounge around at home enjoying life's simple pleasures such as watching TV, munching on comfort food, or listening to good music with the family and friends. These great bonding moments will be made much better with the Samsung Consumer Electronics, which makes their new home a luxurious haven for entertainment, fun and relaxation.

Photo Diary: Orchard Road

The Famous Orchard Road! finally! haha Anyways, Orchard Road is a 2.2 kilometre-long boulevard that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. It is a huge tourist attraction, in addition to being the most popular shopping enclave in the city-state. The best time to explore Orchard is at night as you may experience a lot of things. 

With it's vibrant street lights, well-lighted structures and playful building signs, you will really be easily attracted and be amused with the busy lights and lots of people around. 

Photo Diary: Merlion Park Singapore

It was a sunny day when we visited the Merlion Park. It is considered as a major landmark of Singapore; a major tourist attraction at One Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District (CBD). I am in awe as I  saw the great infrastructures ans the beauty of its surroundings.