Blue Post Boilng Davao: Mixology

Just last September 15, 2015, around 7 o'clock in the evening, I got invited to a small gathering of bloggers for the launching of  Blue Post Boiling's Mixology. It's an intimate event where only few bloggers invited and become a social media influencer for the restaurant.

Anyways, it's actually my first time to try dining at Blue Post Boiling Davao, so by the time i got the email that i was invited, i was really excited about it because finally i can be able to try their dishes and whatever they can offer us. hehe

Mixology by Nestle, is a mini LED Bar that showcases six (6) different flavors of juices. With this newest offering, customers are given the chance to mix your own concoction of drinks according to your liking. If ever you're unsure of what to do, there is a menu prepared that consists of 8 different concoction where you can follow and replicate to make a new blend.

The event started by formally showcasing the Mixology, then each of us tried making our own mix of drinks; then we had a delicious dinner where they served us chicken, shrimps and crabs, as well as tuna belly. The small gathering is done only to simply showcase the food of Blue Post Boiling and  partner it up with the new drinks that they offer. Yum!
Here are the six (6) basic blends of juices that you can choose from, and you can mix any of these blends to make your own drink. Awesome right?
They have a menu set already that you can replicate in mixing any blends.
and of course! i gotta make my own mix as well haha
here's what i made; i actually forgot what blends i mixed for this haha
and so the feast begins! haha I really can't stop staring at the dishes they served us because it's so delicious-looking and very tempting. 
They served us a fried crabs and prawns smothered with garlic and a boiled version of it. yum!  
and so before we eat, the "foodtography" session begins. haha
here are the 8 basic blends that Boiling Davao has prepared for us, and that one in the middle is the special drink that Janvie Tiu made.
And before the night ends, we get to have this bucket full of treats. yey! It has goodies from Max's :)
I am very much humbled to be chosen as one of the online influencers and very glad to be part of the Blue Post Boiling Davao Team, and to be able to share this awesome experience with my fellow bloggers Jeffrey Mondia, Janvie and Clarice Tiu. Thank you very much!

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