Photo Diary: Epol Mountain Spring

It's been a stressful day in the city and i know that i really need to take a break from the city life, go somewhere to unwind and chill. And nature really plays a big part in distressing me lately. I just can't get enough with how beautiful nature can be once you appreciate every bit of it.

About a few weeks ago, luckily i was able to go on a nature trip with some friends. Epol Mountain Spring Resort located in Marilog District, Davao City; about an hour and a half drive from the city proper.

Epol is famous for its waterfalls, and I've heard that there are 3 waterfalls in the area. From the starting point, you have to trek for 20 to 30 minutes to reach the first waterfalls. It's not an easy path because it's rocky, wet and slippery; not to mention it's a downward slope, but all the stress and effort will be worth it!

here's a photo diary of my adventure! 

finally! we've reach the first waterfalls! isn't it amazing?
I just can't help it. haha As what i've seen in most travel photos of people on my instagram, they always do a yoga pose so i'm going to do it as well. haha Gaya-gaya lang. 

Here are the people i venture this journey with!
 Can't wait for our next adventure hehe 

photos by: Ralph Someras

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