Photo Diary: Merlion Park Singapore

It was a sunny day when we visited the Merlion Park. It is considered as a major landmark of Singapore; a major tourist attraction at One Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District (CBD). I am in awe as I  saw the great infrastructures ans the beauty of its surroundings. 

Singapore - Merlion Park
The Merlion is a traditional creature in western heraldry that depicts a creature with a lion's head and a body of a fish.
The Merlion park has it's viewing deck where you can be able to have the best view of the place and the buildings around it.

you can actually ride a boat to roam around the lake and have a closer look of the place.
Here's what i wore for the day. I just wanna wear something basic and comfortable to be able to wander around freely.


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