DLSU 8th Business Management Student's Convention


Business Management Society (BMS) is celebrating its 30th year and continue to be one of the top organization in DLSU. For its 30th year, BMSC is centered on Globalization and its different influences on organizational processes - increased market research, business development, and social entrepreneurship. They believe that it is imperative that the organizations and students today should be able to follow the changing directions of global business trends to enrich the shares of different stakeholders through incorporating the many opportunities that globalization brings.

Globalization is one of the most current trend in society today, it is a phenomenon that will only continue to grow for many generations to come and it is becoming one of the most important aspects of business today.
The 8th BMSC brings with it the history and novelty of the past 7 years for students to be aware, to excel, and to reflect on the phenomenon of the broad spectrum of business. They invited credible speakers and discuss relevant themes that can really convey its intended message to the students

here's an overview on the topics that are going to be the discussed.
Their Vision for this year's convention is "to equip student leaders with the drive to expand their horizons taking diverse business opportunities by providing knowledge on the phenomena of ever transparent global trends";

Get the chance to learn more about Globalization from a pool of great speakers! 
Entrance and lunch are FREE OF CHARGE.
You may also pre-register at our booth online through these links.
For Internal Participants: http://tinyurl.com/8THBMSCPREREG
For External Participants: http://tinyurl.com/8THBMSCPREREGEX

for more details and updates follow tthem at:
Twitter: @8thBMSC
Instagram: @8thbmsc

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