Journey from Sketch to Screen

On my last day in Singapore, we visited the Marina Bay Area and came across the Museum. I was intrigued about what is inside the museum. And i'm glad that we were able to see and experience the DreamWorks Animation Exhibition. It was really worth it!

Here's a photo diary of my experience.

Dreamworks Animation Company showcase an exhibition at the Marina Bay Arts Science Museum on how they do their animation and how they starts every animated film they're making.

Marina By the Bay - Art Science Museum
Providing a rare glimpse into DreamWorks Animation’s collaborative and visionary approach to animation, and offering an insightful look into the processes behind the on-screen magic, DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition charts the studio’s creative journey and explores its unique twist on the art of animation.

Showcasing DreamWorks Animation’s creative legacy, featuring over 400 unique objects from the studio’s archive of rare and never before displayed material, the Exhibition includes concept drawings, storyboards, models, masks, maps, photographs, posters, paintings, and other original artworks. These artworks sit alongside amazing immersive and interactive digital experiences, and a wealth of additional digital content, including many specially recorded interviews with DreamWorks Animation artists that explore the creative processes of this unique animation studio.

The exhibition unfolds over 4 main sections:

Character traces the evolution of iconic and much loved DreamWorks Animation characters, from original concept drawings and sketches to fully developed personalities.
Kung Fu Panda
Story explores the process of constructing a feature-length narrative from original inspiration to final storyline.

World focuses on the environments that are integral to DreamWorks Animation films. This section features a spine-tingling 180-degree projection called Dragon Flight created especially for the Exhibition.
Shrek's House - Model
the MADAGASCAR Park - Model

Drawing Room is the last stop in the exhibition, where visitors can create their very own video.

It was really a fun and informative experience for me. I had a great time looking at the process of making animation and sketching the faces of the characters and how the thinking process of the each character takes place. It's really worth my time!


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