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Hey! What's up? New to Lazada?

Here are some tips and pointers that may help you get the best deals possible. Lazada Philippines is an Online Store that offers exclusive daily deals from its website and mobile application. So make sure to download the app for easier access. (It is available for both iOs and Android)

Starting November 11, Lazada launched the Lazada Online Revolution Sale. It is the biggest sale for this year that will give you a discount up to 95% on most items. This sale will last for a month, from November 11 until December 12. So what are you waiting for?
you can visit my previous post for more ideas about this sale here.

Most items are now limited due to high demand and high rate of online shoppers in Lazada. But here are some of the special promotions by Lazada that you don't want to miss. It may be gone sooner than you expected hehe.
more of the special promotions here.

3. Flash Sales

Flash sales are special deals that comes every hour. These are items that are having the biggest discounts. For every hour different items will be on sale.

Check the flash sale schedule here.

4. Items below Php 500

It's almost time for Christmas, and for sure you are looking for items that are great for exchanging gifts that are not that expensive but worthy to give.

Here are some items that might help you think of something to give out this Christmas or even as birthday gifts to your family and friends.

5. Other Promotions

You can also access this promotion through Lazada Mobile App; for this promotion it allows buyers to get an additional 10% discount when buying items online.

6. If there is a product or item that you got to like, search it within the site.
 If there's a product that you like, try searching it first within the website. You can get lots of choices and options that can help you get the best deal possible. As a product can come from several suppliers, it can happen that there are several listings of it in the database and may have varying prices. 

7. Home Delivery and Cash On Delivery 

Well, i guess this is the most convenient and the method that can refrain you from getting scammed or whatsoever. And it's another way for you to actually receeive the item on-hand and you're sure of teh items being delivered to you, so less hassle.

If you'r enot the one going to receive the shipment, make sure to leave a reminder to a household member in case you need to go out to avoid missing deliveries.

But there are also other options aside from the Cash on delivery. If you're a busy person, best to pay ahead using the various payment options so you will just wait for the product to be delivered.

Be realistic on the delivery dates though as some suppliers tend to get overwhelmed with the volume of orders they get (on big sale dates, this usually reaches up to x20 of their normal daily volume). In the end, it is the sellers who ships the order to the customer (unless they availed of warehouse & logistics service of Lazada).

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Hope this will help you make your shopping online be easier. Enjoy your shopping! 


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