Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

A charming restaurant that has character that serves an authentic and modernized filipino dishes is Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine Davao; it is one of the many Filipino Restaurants in the metro, yet it has its own identity that make it stand out among others.

Located at 1050 Jacinto Extension here in Davao City, Rekado has this beautiful facade from the outside that gives people the idea of that is is a classy restaurant. The interior of the place is nice as well, it has big glass windows, and long tables with very comfortable chairs. It has an al fresco area as well that caters to diners who wants fresh air.

It was actually my first time to experience Rekado, and im glad that it has a homey vibe into it. I really love how cozy the place is. It really feels like home.
I go to meet the owner Mrs. Lena Benedicto, and she explained to us why they came up with Rekado and the history behind the restaurant. She shares that they want to put up a Filipino restaurant for her daughter who is the Executive Chef. Everything that they serve in the restaurant are all family recipes and the own take of the Chef of the well-loved Filipino dishes; she put her own twist to the food to make it better and appetizing to everyone's palate. Another thing is that, they make every dish from scratch and they only use fresh ingredients in cooking.

The passion, determination and the love that the people of Rekado put into their dishes are one of the things that make it more delicious. 

I was amazed to see that Rekado has actually a wide variety of dishes on their menu hehe. They have almost everything that you need, even if your a vegetarian, an all-meat eater or a seafood lover. The place may looks expensive and classy, but you'd be surprised to know that the food on their menu are actually priced fairly and their serving is good enough for friends and family to share.

Here are some of the items on their menu that we had.

Fresh Lumpia. It's a foot long fresh lumpia; for Php 175.00 it's big enough to share with others.
Fresh Lumpia | Php 175.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Baby Back Ribs. here's something for those meat-eaters. hehe This is actually a tender piece of meat that really melts in your mouth. This meat has been braised for hours with the mix of their spices for the flavors to come out. A must try! It can be ordered solo or to share.
Baby Back Ribs | Php 390.00 (share) & Php 195.00 (solo) | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Gising-Gising. I'm not really a fan of vegetables but this one makes me crave for more. Not really one of those usual vegetables that we encounter, Gising Gising is a sigarilyas (winged beans) vegetable mixed with thick coconut milk and dashed with spices to give it a kick. This is one interesting dish that i suggest you should try.
Gising-Gising | Php 240.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Crispy Beef Tadyang. i have no idea what a tadyang is but this one's really good! Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. hehe This dish is best eaten with their homemade soy sauce.
Crispy Beef Tadyang | Php 325.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Pinaputok na Bangus. I'm not really a fan of Bangus (milk fish), because i just eat fish that much. It's my first time to try eating steamed Bangus with coconut meat. Cooked while being covered with banana leaf, the aroma of the dish once it's opened will really makes you wanna dig in immediately. 

This is served with three side dishes that are all homemade; the burong manga, the ensaladang talong and their homemade soy sauce. 
Pinaputok na Bangus | Php 295.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Pinaputok na Bangus | Php 295.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Crispy Pork Binagoongan. Here's a dish that most Filipinos are familiar with; but everyone has their own version of cooking it. And for this dish, pork mixed with mild amount of bagoong and combined with burong mangga and garlic is something that i'm not used to. But the taste is quite good and interesting to the palate.  But for me i suggest they put more bagoong to really get the taste of pork binagoongan.
Crispy Pork Binagoongan | Php 270.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Crispy Pork Binagoongan | Php 270.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Kalderobo. one of the fusions that Rekado has. It is a fusion of kaldereta and adobo. Something that's really new for me. Well, I love trying new dishes, and this one is really a must try! You can really taste both the kaldereta and adobo in this dish but the sauce is less-thicker that a usual kaldereta and not so oily as the typical adobo. Served in an iron plate, perfect! 
Kalderobo | Php 320.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Kalderobo | Php 320.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Cucumber Lemonade Carafe. a refreshing, healthy drink that can be a great partner while eating in Rekado. Kid's will surely love this as well. 
Cucumber Lemonade Carafe | Php 225.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
 And of course, a great meal must end with an awesome dessert. Did you know that Rekado, is serving food for merienda? here's one of their merienda offerings.

Suman con Leche. The typical suman (sticky rice) topped with a generous amount of ube butter, nuts and thick caramel sauce. The sweetness of caramel really compliments the blunt taste of the suman, and for added texture nuts are tossed on top; served on a hot plate, as the caramel being drizzled on top of the  suman, the sizzling sound it makes on the plate really makes the experience a lot more fun.

A great merienda treat!
Suman con Leche | Php 145.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Suman con Leche | Php 145.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
 The fun didn't end there! There's more haha We ended the day with a glass of mojito and a glass of wine; but drinking will not be complete without a pulutan right? Here a great dish that will be a great pair for your bottle of beer or a glass of cocktails.

Crispy Tokwa't Tenga. Its my first time to eat a pig ear, i thought it's chewy and having a rubbery feel to it, but actually it's not what i think it is. 

I love the crispiness of the pig ear and eaten together with tofu dipped on a sweet and spicy soy sauce!
Crispy Tokwa't Tenga | Php 220.00 | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Classic Mojito | Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine
Thank you to Ms. Jojie Alcantara for this awesome opportunity to experience Rekado with some fellow-foodies. It was truly a fun-filled day full of laughter and over good food.

To experience an authentic Filipino dish with a modern twist, visit 

Filipino Comfort Cuisine
1050 Jacinto Extension,
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. call (082) 284-2136 or 0915-722-9299
Open Mondays to Sundays. 11am - 10pm

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