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Last October 31, 2015 - I am privileged enough to be selected by the Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps Davao to be one of the first few to try their new dishes that's going to be a great addition to their awesome menu; after i judged this year's Blue Post’s Hallow Party Kids Costume and Magic Show together with my co-blogger Jeffrey Mondia and my sister Kim Jarabelo.
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Halloween Party
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Freedom/Doodle Wall
It was a rainy evening that time and the wind was so cold by the time we had dinner at the place. The whole restaurant was packed with kids dressed in their unique and creative Halloween costumes. They're s fun to watch, especially as they get into character and play around with their chosen cartoon and scary personas. 
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Kids in their Halloween costumes
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Halloween Party
After a while, Dinner is served! hehe They first introduces us to their newest soup, the Spicy Gumbo SoupMade with their signature Cajun Spice Sauce, this dish will surely satisfy your spicy cravings.

The soup is actually same sauce as the special boiling sauce that they use for their boiled/fried shrimps and crabs in a bucket. Since most people are asking if they can only order the sauce without the meat, so due to popular demand, they came up with this awesome treat! *thumbs up*
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Spicy Gumbo Soup | 186 PHP
It really is spicy but mild enough that'll boost your appetite. a great appetizer i must say! The soup contains the special boiling sauce mixed with  chicken strips, pork sausage, corn and some potatoes and other veggies.  You can actually buy a cup of rice together with the soup, then you can have a great meal already! wahaha
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Spicy Gumbo Soup
this soup is perfect to be paired with beer, really! hehe This is actually my favorite dish from their new dishes. * two thumbs up*
Next dish served to us was the Crab Turnover. It is like the typical empanada, but the best thing about this one is that the amount of crab meat they put mixed with pork and a slice of egg and a sweet & spicy sauce. It can really ease up your hunger easily.
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Crab Turnover | 168 PHP
The crunch from the pastry and the savory flavor of the filling really blends together. It's like a firework in your mouth. hehe 
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Crab Turnover 
Unlike any other restaurants that served crab turnover, here in Blue Post Boiling, you can really get what you are paying for. They make sure that the amount of crab meat will not be overpowered by the amount of pork meat that i mized with it. But you can request that you only want crab meat without any other meat mixed with it. What a sumptuous dish!

Next on the list was the main course and the "Star of the Night" - the Cajun Prawns
Blue Post Boiling Davao | Cajun Prawns | 700 PHP/ 500g
Savory and chunky King Prawns marinated with different spices and grilled to perfection, then a glaze of lemon juice is the bomb! You actually have an option if you want it grilled or blue post boiled.
Prawns are the best seafood for me! I just can't stop eating such delicacy. It's like heaven on earth! haha | but kidding aside, this is really one of the best prawn dish i tasted. (realtalk. hehe)
Blue Post Boiling Davao | 1kg of Cajun Prawns
Can't wait to experience their awesome food again! It's really worth coming back for! hopefully to see you there on my next visit! 

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