FROGGE KAFFEE - Austrian Coffee Shop

Opened last, December 18, 2015. A new specialty coffee shop is now open to serve the Davaoenos a different kind of experience in enjoying a cup of coffee and indulged in their delectable desserts.

In the growing number of coffee shops in the metro, Frogge Kaffee opens its doors to the public and  promises to give us an extraordinary coffee experience. They try to elevate the coffee experience to a whole new level, one cup at a time.

Owned by Mr. Markus Ableitinger, an Austrian, and fiancee Gina Esperanza Ellorango, Frog Kaffee is not your typical coffee shop. It is a two-storey coffee shop that has a homey vibe into it. The main floor's interior has a great mix of modern and vintage pieces that makes you feel like your in an ancestral home influenced by the Europeans - However, if you want to just chill and feel the wind while sipping your coffee, you may stay their second floor which is an al-fresco area.

Frogge Kaffee is an exemplary cafe that offers the highest quality of coffee and food pairings that goes well with any cup they serve. And take note, the coffee that they served are freshly roasted everyday inside the shop - with their very own roaster that has been imported abroad.

Their very own roaster imported from Austria.

Here are the finished products of their coffee powders

We the bloggers, were really entertained and offered to try their best tasting lattes and some special drinks.

We were served first with their iced cappuccino, which is an iced espresso shot then topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder on top.

Then Markus showed us how to make the "Martini Pick Me Up" drink - it is made up with a mix of coffee liquer, espresso shots that is infused with vodka, then topped with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate dipped into it and again chocolate shavings.

We were also served with their best-seller cake, the Sachertorte Cake - it's not that sweet but really delicious!

Here is one drink that i forgot what it's called but its really something that I never expected to taste real good. I guess this is the drink that has Bailey's on it, mixed with espresso shots and dashed with chocolate powder on top. Chocolatey awesome!

After all the delicious signature drinks and cake that were served to us, the barista also showcased different coffee and lattes and served it with an artsy designs. Things that most people like seeing in their cups of coffee.

And of course, here I am astonished and enjoying my cup, oh i mean cups of coffee. hehe I really can't get enough of their signature lattes. 

Froggee Kaffee is located at F. Torres Street 
in Prime Square II fronting Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant

Open on Sunday : 10:00AM to 12:00MN
Monday to Thursday: 9:00AM to 12:30AM
Friday & Saturday: 9:00AM to 1:00AM

See you there! It will surely make your stay worthwhile. The aroma of the place will make you think as if you're in coffee heaven. A must visit place!


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